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Resources for learning basic concepts about DeFi

By bbrujas | bbrujas | 1 Jun 2021

Hi All, Publish0x community!

While looking into different resources that could help me getting the right idea about all this amazing world of DeFi, I have been saving some of the most valuable resources I have found around.

Please find below some of them, I will be updating regularly while new knowledge repositories come around:

lp-swap.io academy - DEFI Terms and SWAP - I reached them at the very beggining of my research and I stayed around due to the neat style they have and the clear details they provide for all the topics covered.

RugDoc (former Rug Steemer) - DYOR helpers - When I met them, it was merely a google sheet with three months of heavily tested projects, they have already built a website and are constantly updating new details about any scam/exploit around. A MUST!

Fear & Greed Index - Informational - It a reality that emotions play important part of the way you make decissions, should that be interesting, prior to that transaction you are about to commit, to take a deep breath and also a check to this index, it might help you deciding... :)

Program the blockchain - Educational - A quite extensive repository of posts and knowledge about the blockchain. Specially interesting if you are lloking into becoming a developer of the blockchain or want to get deep into technicallity.

Syllabus Ethereum - Educational - Curated resources about one of the great criptos, Ether and its ethereum blockchain. A must for deeper digs.

The Blockchain Innovation - Educational - Great site for the old time master BTC and its mother of all networks, the Blockchain. Being there for a couple of years, it keeps posting updates and news that help getting a good idea about the very first criptocoin.

JohnGVibes's Posts at PEAKD - Informational - Some very profound / challenging thoughts are put into this active publisher, for sure an interesting place to reach to stay focused and do some practical learning.

OpenSea NFT platform - NFT Market, gallery and community - A very interesting place to start digging about NFT's and publish your own works, simple and intuitive, you can List, Trade and Store your art with the community.

TON Surf - Blockchain community hightly focused in providing services. It is used a lot to keep communities at different environments partially automated by BOTs and similar.

Understanding ETHER & GAS - Educational - Nice resource for early steps in the Crypto ecosystem.

Do you feel like there is another additional resource that might be captured here?
Don't hesitate and let me know so I do some research and have it posted!

Thanks for building a strong community.

Stay funk, stay safe, stay De Fi.


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I came to the crypto ecosystem to enjoy and learn while trying to improve my financial autonomy... Stay funk, stay safe, stay defi...


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