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By Bayarizard | Ahem | 16 Sep 2020



I, after a month of trying to secure any kind of income, may have landed my first sales/mostly commission, no cap, sign on bonus, base pay included with benefits job ... and besides saying YAY, FINALLY!: 

What does this mean for you? Hopefully BAT giveaways. Who knows ;)

While applying & interviewing for jobs, getting scammed, losing my bank account, getting rejected for unemployment ...

I decided to learn some new skills; like how to photo and video editing via YouTube videos.

I started on Instagram; this may seem random, but my intention is to monetize & cross it off one of the many interests & dreams outlined on my Pinterest -- being employed now means I can also try to pay down debt, fix my credit score, tip followers, and continue on my way to be a Quadrillionaire Crypto Whale.

All this random learning reminds me to explain what some may have seen if they scrolled to the bottom of my Twitter profile:

The violin was returned to my sister; it still is the only instrument that I know how to play, as I didn't touch or play any instrument before the age of 19. If I fit all the time I spent learning the violin into consecutive hours: it would span less than two days.

Conclusion: YouTube is a wonderful Teacher👏

Even though I'm still learning about Photography & Video editing, I want to give the proper thanks to my violin teachers 🎻: Dylan Renner and Fiddlerman for their YouTube tutorials, that cut my learning curve short.

Bayarizard - September 2020

Bayarizard - September 2020

They can earn 15% or more on car insurance ... I mean, they can earn up to USD$7.50 in BAT for each Brave Browser download -- and these tips can be swapped for dollars on any exchange (like Coinbase), exchanged for gift cards on the Tap Network or kept for potential increase in value.

A how-to on redeeming these tokens is linked here.

Commercial aside: YouTube in short, helped me learn sooo much, in so little time, from teachers of varying expertise. All one has to do is take the time to learn -- and in the inspiring words of Shia LeBeouf, "Just do it".

Conclusion: Now the secret is out: Anything I learn, so can anyone else; like Instagram and Twitter algorithms. I'll try to post the full list of people I've learned from on YouTube soon, but in the mean time: What about you? Do you use YouTube like a free University?

P.S. For those already on the Perpetual Giveaway list, yes, you got paid & will continue to be so.

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