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Ahem | Altruistic Egoism

By Bayarizard | Ahem | 1 Aug 2020

Ö -- One Economy


The subject for Chamath's challenge being investment in tech that can change the course of environmental calamity begins, in my opinion, where we cannot see. However drought begins - whether through natural calamity or improper farming, fishing, etc - it leads to famine, which many catastrophic environmental & economic effects soon follow.


Investments I focus on are into organisms that support the most life; from corals hidden beneath the waves, to generous souls who support their community with every penny & ounce of will. Greed has powered our Capitalistic economies for centuries before it was named as such; the dog eat dog mentality. I believe though,it's time to focus on the similar, but more mutually beneficial: egoistic altruistic economy -- help others, because at the end of the day, it helps you.


Water access has often determined economic domination for millenia; thanks to the phosphorus needed to help fertilize much of the world's crops blowing from the Sahara into the Atlantic, some of the most opportunistic places to do aquatic reforestation so are also near countries currently reliant on the ailing tourism economy: the western African coast line (but honestly, the following can be done anywhere).


Prioritization on developing underwater oxygen producing organisms can itself be a draw for tourism: with virtual reality progress reports and reverse aquariums live streams.

This may consequently lead to the boom of other new industries, such as human underwater construction & habitation; floating hotels with rooms that have underwater access may already exist, but are not as lucrative as constructing underwater data farms -- which would be my example of an more "self-serving" investment that, instead of utilizing carbon credits, could spend extra past construction costs to plant kelp forests or restoring corals nearby.


Second priority would be shown more to the public: gentrification. Growing up, white flight meant the withdrawal of key investment in places vital to community health & function -- it also meant less attention to the aesthetic details, and a propensity to value oneself less than those who could "afford" to spend time and money on lawn & property maintenance. By simply having access to a lawn mower, I personally became an entrepreneur, employer & facilities manager for a few summers before entering high school.

Robotizing & consequently cheapening the process would obviously be lucrative: but a percentage of those net profits should be invested back into those communities with a prioritization on inclusive investment clubs, business classes; or even paying down debt of those investing their time & effort into their community. Having this growing up, would have eased the financial aspect of my life, but I'll ensure I can do the same for others in the future.


Continuing with the theme of aquatic prioritization and urban renewal: hydroponics and robotization of restaurants. Since indoor agriculture needs little introduction, I'll merely note: cheaper access to healthier food would solve the choice for many trying to lose weight -- restaurants though are where character is built, and where I currently slave away for minimum wage for +50 hours a week (which my boss literally texted me to come in early while writing this).

Robotizing and/or streamlining this industry would take the chance out of many a high schooler to take control of their finances & change the course of their lives, but like noted above: investment back into the community can be done via learning centers, or even a local dividend given to residents/patrons depending on traffic.


AI may scare many, but investing in those who help others is a daunting task of which automation would make quick work. The consequential additional freetime might not lead to economic prosperity for everyone, but the quality of life should support the fall out of the other.


Even though I would love to work with Chamath Palihapitiya -- he is my one role model alive in this century: I feel this contest has merely spurred me to be more concise on what I plan to do if I come into wealth via my Crypto Investments. Afterall the processes by which to calculate the effect of investments I've noted above can easily be tracked via blockchain technology.


Observers that want to aid idealistic causes, often have neither time, nor savvy or even a lot of money to invest; this could easily be solved by solutions like Energi; there are plenty of staking and masternodes blockchain projects; and others are probably better income sources as well, but at its core, Energi from what I've researched does match a sense of Egoistic Altruism.

The project currently also has a non-profit segment doing reforestation projects on a smaller scale already; and like myself, Energi as a whole, is a project that bootstrapped its development and has had very less notable outside investment so far as of 2020 than its counterparts, but more successes.


Egoistic Altriusm can be used as a mainframe with any blockchain investment to change a community for the better though; for the streaming services noted above, giving investors and other participants the chance to watch renewal projects, itself is a blockchain segment; via ThetaTV, rewards are available for viewers in the form of tokens -- transferrable back into the viewed project or even kept for speculative appreciation.


Last and probably most important would be increasing the ability for Average Joe's to leverage their assets. Interest paid by any centralized financial institution is merely a stunt to bring in more depositors and investors, but the Nexo project for example (though controversial), so far seems like a solution to changing public perception on the view of debt and its place in investments.

By investing in me, any of these projects or merely using egoistic altruism to find hidden value: supporting those that have the wherewithal to be foundations for others, is an investment in one's future. A future where helping the least of us, will reap the most residual rewards


In summary, collateralizing crypto, stablecoins, etc previously seen as worthless -- much like climate change in first world countries was popularly viewed as a myth not too long ago -- have the potential to change the world for the better; and as the current idealistic generation inherits the wealth of its skeptical predecessor -- the circle of Capitalism can easily bond with this circle of Egoistic Altruism to form an infinity sign (or venn diagram starting with you, the reader as the epicenter for change).

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