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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 25 Sep 2020



For those who don't know: Yes, I am uber leveraged -- hopefully someday that'll change, but not this week; details for how I leveraged Crypto assets in my first C.A.S.H. article; For HodLers who want to know how far away from the Moon & Millionairehood you are: Crypto Whales & charting wealth.

Below are Crypto that I already have dollar cost averaged into; these are the projects I personally believe could push a global economy to mind-boggling market capitalizations currently unthinkable (think Quadrillions & Quintillions). I started this series a few weeks ago -- the first of which is (linked here).

By showing my opinions: I hope to give a different perspective, and aid in your own research, while hopefully providing some entertainment; but it is always recommended to seek professional financial advise, and not to try what I do :) 

For first timers -- "Sats" or Satoshis are 0.00000001 of one Bitcoin. Let's begin shall we? :)


Now in Video form


Markets so researched; much money yours -- this article was a snapshot when Bitcoin Core's price was USD$10,624.75.
As mentioned earlier, I'm not a financial advisor; but I'd love to hear how your Blockfolio performing doing this week!

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