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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 16 Jan 2021



It's been another month; and even with super massive jumps in assets, and all the good going on, when valuing my Blockfolio in Bitcoin Core, I am STILL a Crypto Shrimp 🦐, which simply means I have less than 1 Bitcoin Core's worth of Crypto in my Blockfolio -- kind of like valuing a portfolio in cash, and the amount of cash/cash equivalents are also counted; in relation to the different tokens & crypto, I may be higher up the food chain 🐬 🐙

I also tend to include this photo each post for reference:

Bayarizard - Oktober

More on how you can check your own progress up the Crypto Food Chain (linked here) -- as you'll note, the Animal chartings are relative to the project. 

Without further ado ...

Bayarizard -- Januar 2021

Due to the explosion in Bitcoin price, my Blockfolio went from half a Bitcoin to a third, due to its composition. Having an efficient ratio of BTC and Stablecoins in the future will hopefully mitigate these wild swings though, as the USD equivalent obviously still increased -- more thanks to Nexo than Bticoin Core for me specifically though.

It took just one month, for my largest position to triple; I have Nexo to thank for much that's been good concerning my Crypto experience thus far, but because I still have *much* to learn, I'll just limit it to that. Coinmarketcap.com updated their UI recently, so here's a pie chart breakdown to boot:

Bayarizard -- Januar 2021

... and now to the details:

My top 10 positions to date

Stablecoins weight rose +19%, down to 29.2% over the past month -- i have 20% PaxUSD and 80% USDCoin at the moment:

[1st] | Blockfolio allocation - 36.67%
Typically Nexo's place, Bitcoin's surge brought my holdings to first place, but it was also due to taking gains from my Nexo position; I wanted to HodL just enough BTC to not FOMO more money in -- gradually investing until I have my desired full Bitcoin -- nor too much that I'd want to sell if it dropped below $20k tomorrow. I have enough Stablecoins in such an event, that I could still use my Crypto credit line for emergencies, rent, etc, even during such turmoil.
Bitcoin Core portfolio weight jumped 15% month over month.

[2nd] | Blockfolio allocation - 12.3%
Nexo jumped so much, so fast last month, I thought it was best to exit the position altogether; but ended up deciding to limit my position until I had only enough for the platinum rank in the interest earning program. I realized I may never get to 100,000 tokens like a previous goal (technically the goal was 88,000 and waiting until dividends rounded me up), but I obviously still believe in it enough to not only use their services, DCA back into my original position.
Much can be said about their recent marketing, education program, interest programs, massive new user growth, rankings jumps, UI overhauls, AMA's, increased transparency, and even its upcoming events and programs, but I'll leave that to paid advertisers.
As token holders are not necessarily stakeholders in Nexo, those who now see the bright future of the company I've seen for years, should taken note: if they go public (as is an eventual plan of theirs, not unlike Coinbase already has started such a process in the US traditional markets), these tokens won't guarantee you ownership, nor does it necessarily "guarantee" you dividends; the risk lies in trusting Nexo, which I to an extent obviously do.
I dropped from the rank of Crypto Dolphin to Crypto Octopus because of shaving my position; and my portfolio weight dropped -35% month over month.

[3rd] | Blockfolio allocation - (8.7%)
This is ... not as complicated to explain as I originally thought it'd be: 1. Elon Musk became the richest person in the world recently; 2. He tweets irresponsibly; 3. There's no SEC to sue him for tweeting about Doge, and the next time he does, it can potentially be enough to make bigger exchanges take note.
A point in case would be his recent tweet about a company people should use for social media, that sent the unrelated, but similarly named publicly traded company (Signal Advance) up over 6,000% in a week (from about $0.60 to $35 in 5 days) -- a $3 billion accident made quite a few people happy, and very MANY bagholders hungry for the next time. My portfolio weight, though it increased from near nothing to 8.7%, is still enough that I'd hold till Doge triples or 10x's, but possibly too much if I'm being completely honest. I went from a Crypto Shrimp to a Crypto Octopus in DogeCoin rankings (in respect to it's total supply).

[4th] | Blockfolio allocation - (4.6%)
BCH isn't very useful on the utility side, nor very fast transaction wise -- but as a correlating asset, that can be collateralized, and is next in succession to getting hoarded, only Litecoin and Ethereum can compare.
My portfolio weight admittedly dropped though -10% month over month, more so because my promises to myself to never sell Nexo and keep a ratio of 50:1 BCH to BTC have both been unfortunately ignored; mentally slapping myself. I did stay a Crypto Crab throughout this time period though.

[5th] | Blockfolio allocation - (3.69%)
Since I started giving people BAT as symbolic tokens of my attention, I am going to slowly increase this perhaps beyond my max desired HodL position of 10,000 tokens -- anything over that amount, unless pledged to start a Crypto based business, would be either given away and/or used for advertising.
Even though BAT's rank in my portfolio dropped, it's weight increased almost 2% -- making me a Crypto Octopus in rankings against its hard cap supply.

[6th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.46%)
Litecoin jumped up from 7th to 6th and increased it's portfolio weight bumped up almost a whole 1% literally by increasing in value, but I didn't buy anymore.

[7th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.16%)
I have admittedly not kept up with Chainlink, even though it seems to have blown past all-time highs; even though it's portfolio weight increased by half a percent, I haven't bought anymore LINK either.

[8th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.91%)
I haven't focused as much as I would want to on CRO, but they also haven't treated their current clientele as well as their potential new users, so them waiting a bit longer isn't much of a big deal as of yet.
They are raising the requirements on their cards, which means if I want to get the upcoming benefits for rebates (basically free programs like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc), I should buy and stake now than later, BUT of course advertising schemes like these mean expirations for previous programs are around the corner, and my charts are still hinting at a -50% breakdown from it's current levels of $0.07, so ... again, not a big deal to miss out on locking in rates, because I can still earn interest on my uninvested assets right where they are.
All things considered, my portfolio weight with CRO increased by 0.2%, even though it dropped from 6th to 8th place; and I've stayed a Crypto Shrimp thus far shamelessly.

[9th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.72%)
I'm actually slightly ashamed of not having more ETH, but ever since their staking program, where locking up/limiting the supply of ETH is a thing -- I realized I should look more into De-Centralized Finance (as I admittedly have still not done to date) before ETH decouples from it's self-imposed ratio of 32:1 ETH to BTC (the requirements to stake).
This may be also the reason with fabulous growth, it still makes me want a USD$100,000 Bitcoin over 32ETH at USD$3,000 (essentially the same thing though); this will change over time, as I DO realize that as "programable money" Ethereum has a far higher potential than Bitcoin Core -- though the Bitcoin brand is something that cannot from my perspective, be easily usurped by another Cryptocurrency.

[10th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.16%)
Last but not least, is one of the DeFi projects I need to research more about; I recieved the amount above from the Coinbase Earn program, but I don't see a point in the short-term where I'll be loading up on more COMP just yet.

For those who haven't read the first entry, it's linked here.


All this is shown for transparency & entertainment purposes only. My goals in being a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer:

- Know the maximum I want to invest in a project
- Never sell, rather collateralize
- Always be diversifying

Sharing what I earn and learn makes me a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer

My Blockfolio allocations, as always, are subject to change, especially as I achieve HodL goals listed hereSo ... how did your Blockfolio do after the recent BTC price 🚀  moonshot?



This article was a snapshot when Bitcoin Core's price was USD$35,919.98.
As mentioned earlier, I'm not a financial advisor for good reason (at one point I bought 10,000XRP a week after the SEC suing news); but I'd love to hear about your Crypto picks :)

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