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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 18 Nov 2020



It isn't a glitch (or accident), the assets I borrowed/leveraged were paid back in full (with interest). So, when valuing my Blockfolio in Bitcoin Core, I am a Crypto Shrimp 🦐 -- which technically net worth-wise, I may always have been; Several experiment's results are about to be revealed in the coming days; some of which benefits viewers like you 😉

Now, thanks to @tvlachak, my official C.A.S.H motto is:

Sharing what I earn and learn makes me a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer

I did hint on Twitter that a couple of my experiments included giveaways, Monopoly, getting better at video & photo editing ... but for now, a review of what Crypto Animals are:

Bayarizard - Oktober

More on how you can check your own progress up the Crypto Food Chain (linked here) -- as you'll note, the Animal chartings are relative to the project -- hence even though my overall Blockfolio makes me a Crypto Shrimp 🦐 concerning BTC Sats, some of my projects have me valued at higher levels 🐬 🐙. 

Without further ado ...

Bayarizard -- November 2020

Just last month, Bitcoin Core was $11,000 -- now that it's pushing ATH at  $17,779 as of writing, though I do FOMO -- my resolve is still to build a diversified, collateralizable Blockfolio, backed by Stablecoins. (I'm failing, but with style)

My top 10 positions to date

... including Stablecoins this time 25% and not shown -- 100% PaxUSD at the moment; for future reference, I consider gold and other pegs with verifiable assets under audit, all Stablecoins:

[1st] | Blockfolio allocation - 47.1%
The allocation rose by 5% since last month thanks to yet another bump up in price as the utility of the tokens is increasing, but since Stablecoins are included, it's allocation moving forward is less.
The monopoly idea noted last month orbits Nexo 🎲 -- it also involves, YouTube, Giveaways; now that paying off debt is basically out of the way: Next article, Thursday will be the reveal.

[2nd] | Blockfolio allocation - 13.4%
This jumped 2% month over month, but yes, I would like more Bitcoin -- i just earn it rather than buy it (the above allocation was won in a giveaway from in June).

[3rd] | Blockfolio allocation - (3.1%)
Jumped from 4th back to 3rd and 4% and with the news of updates and innovation swirling, I'm excited to HodL quite a bit more -- anyone who hasn't received tips in the Perpetual Giveaway let me know.
I'm getting a new laptop to write and edit more consistently ✍ and BAT, NEXO and NRG are all cornerstones of this. 

[4th] | Blockfolio allocation - (2.6%)
This increased 1 position even though I recall losing half of it -- though not due to the recent hard fork (I broke my #1 rule to not sell my collateralizable assets).
I'm unfortunately also failing at keeping this at a 10:1 ratio with BTC 🤷‍♂️

[5th] | Blockfolio allocation -(2.3%)
This stayed the same allocation & in the same place (again), but unlike what I stated last month: I honestly don't see a point in time where I can buy enough ETH before it takes off toward ATHs.

[6th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.97%)
This allocation dropped massively after their updates and Fauxpas; at a third of it's ATH you better belive I'm bullish now 🤣 though admittedly I'll just continue to earn the cash back CRO for now.
I've had Direct Deposit on the platform for a couple months, so I may need to actually dial back the trust factor a bit 🤔 they may be trying to grow sustainably, but just like early Nexo, acting in their best interests does often screw me (and other) users over.

[7th] | Blockfolio allocation - (1.53%)
This position definitely needs to increase -- i am earning a steady 6% interest on the amount, but it's underrated.

[8th] | Blockfolio allocation - (2.1%)
Steven from OpticalArt, one of the voices I listen to often (haven't seen his face 😄) on YouTube, talked about entering a $13k position recently. Details likely in this video:

...but honestly, I don't think I'll even DCA in until it falls below $10 🤔 This massive (in my opinion) investment can be a vote of confidence that LINK has upside potential (I'm obviously bearish in the short-term).

[9th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.19%)
Honestly: no comment.

[10th] | Blockfolio allocation - (0.19%)
Yes, Tezos made it back into the top ten 👏  Can I get it any higher? No clue 🤷‍♂️

For those who haven't read the first entry, it's linked here.


All this is shown for transparency & entertainment purposes only. My goals in being a Crypto Activist StakeHodLer:

- Know the maximum I want to invest in a project
- Never sell, rather collateralize
- Always be diversifying

One may ask why my Stablecoin position is so high, and why i haven't bought more BTC with it: I'm going to either short a stock, travel to start my business and/or buy a ton of just one Crypto -- between mid-Dezember 2020 and April 2021 -- all these are cash intensive investments 💸  that have high potential ROI 🤷‍♂️

My Blockfolio allocations, as always, are subject to change, especially as I achieve HodL goals listed hereSo ... how did your Blockfolio do after the recent BTC price 🚀  moonshot?



This article was a snapshot when Bitcoin Core's price was USD$17,775.65.
As mentioned earlier, I'm not a financial advisor; but I'd love to hear about your Crypto picks :)

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