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By Bayarizard | C.A.S.H. | 3 Jul 2020

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There have been a flurry of updates for Nexo; many of which are covered my recent review article.

Many of Nexo's updates started the day after my first Stablecoins post, where I divulged my plan and goal -- which I still am accumulating, PLUS the platform's token, of which I unfortunately may be too late in trying to gain 100,000 tokens before they hit $1.00; there was another big announcement recently, that many speculators and token Hodlers alike have been waiting for:


So what do these have to do with Stablecoins?

Three updates in particular affected my progress:

  • The addition of USDC stablecoin to the loan options - which helped me cut Crypto.com and Binance out of the USDT transaction process
  • Collateralized Assets no longer earn interest, but you can choose which assets are collateralized
  • Hodling Nexo tokens not only increases the amount one can earn percentage-wise on assets by +25%, but also earn dividends themselves (if not collateralized).

My progress to date:

Nexo Assets

Obviously to qualify for the dividend next month, this means cooling off on taking out loans; and thanks to a video by Aureus Denarius, also showing his portfolio (article linked here).

Thanks to Aureus, I'm going to start accounting my entire Blockfolio; but merely post animal rankings according to this Crypto hierarchy.


Summary: Even with massive challenges in earning income, and even from the platform I'm using, there are sunny sides & massive potential for capital gains. How have you all fared through this summer? Are your Blockfolios diversified, Stablecoin heavy or leaning toward your favorite project? Let me know below; and here's a link to a referral list, especially for those who like discounts, bonuses, etc :)

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