Make money from home with brave browser

How to make 5000$/month with Brave browser?

By batungnguyen01 | batungmarketer | 1 May 2020

How to earn up to 5000$ with brave browser

What is the Brave Web Browser?

Brave is a free, decentralized and open-source web browser that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founded by Brendan Eich, the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla, Brave is a search engine that aims to revolutionize the browsing and advertising experience as well as the way the web works today.

This search engine looks and works like Chrome but the similarities stop there.

Brave is much more than a browser. Designed with a built-in ad and tracker blocker, it will automatically block ads, website tracking, malware, phishing, plugins, and all unwanted content. Providing a safer, faster, and ad-free browsing experience to all internet users.

And most importantly, Brave has a reward system that incentivizes readers and content creators with its Basic Attention Token (BAT). Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an Ethereum based token created alongside the platform to reward its users and content creators.

Do you get money when using the brave browser?

Besides the benefits like: Browse faster, Block ads and trackers, Control your privacy, More secure, Save money. The most important part is Monetize: See opt-in ads in exchange for rewards, get paid for your content, BAT worth $ 7.50 per referral, and more.

 It's completely free for everyone to use.

Earn Brave Rewards by become a Publisher|Creator

1. Download and install Brave browser on your computer.

2. Go to to sign up a publisher account

Once you signed up, you can now add your website, YouTube channel, Vimeo, Twitter, Reddit, GitHub, Twitch by clicking “+Add a Channel”.

Once your site or channel is verified, you can start receiving BAT donations from Brave users

3. Refer and Earn up to $7.50 worth of BAT

 When you sign up for Brave Creator, you will also be given a special referral link.

Simply invite your friends and visitors to download and use Brave browser, and you’ll earn up to $5 worth of BAT for each referral.

Let's try it: If you want to have $ 5,000 with a reward of $ 7.5, then you need 5000 / 7.5 <=> 666 people that confirmed, meaning 666 people have downloaded and used the browser for 30 days. So you need to share with as many people as possible. Your income is unlimited.

How to Get Your Brave Referral Link:

To get your own unique referral link, you’ll need to download Brave and become a creator here.

As a verified content creator, you can get your referral link inside your Creator dashboard.

Simply copy the unique link and share it with your followers.

You’ll receive BAT rewards directly on your Uphold wallet.

How to Withdraw BAT Token?

You’ll need to sign up for Uphold. From Uphold, you can then exchange BAT for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies

Create an account on Uphold.

Verify your identity by providing your photo ID.

If you want to cash out your BAT to your money, simply add your bank account details.

To withdraw BAT from your Brave wallet, go to “Rewards Settings”.

This is how it shoud look like:

earn money online with brave

Click “Withdraw Funds”, and you’ll be directed to your Uphold account.

So what are you waiting for, register to become a brave creator, share and make money.

download brave browser


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