No, Google Can’t Stop Brave & BAT Development

No, Google Can’t Stop Brave & BAT Development

By littleboy | BAT Fans | 25 Mar 2019

About two months ago, Google proposed a change to Chromium Browser that will make uBlock browser extension obsolete. uBlock is a popular browser extension that blocks all ads on webpages. That proposal made some users of the BAT community concerned about Brave’s development.

If Google can change chromium code, what if they make changes that will break Brave? Then we who have invested in BAT will get rekt (sustain high losses). A narrative like this was and still is being spread among BAT community members. Now, let me explain why this narrative is complete nonsense.

We all know that Brave Inc used open source code from chromium browser to develop Brave Browser. The reason they used code from Chromium is because developing a new browser frontend & engine would take a long time. That would also be economically unsustainable. Brave had two options in their hand to use as a browser engine. One would be Chromium’s Blink and the other is Firefox's Gecko. Brave choose Chromium.

Brave team choose Chromium & Blink because it has some benefits over Firefox & Gecko. One of the biggest benefit is that the majority of mobile browser users are familier with Blink engine. Since Chrome comes preinstalled in many phones, (Google is getting sued for this xD) a lot of existing users are familier with it.

That of course doesn’t mean Brave team blindly copies the code and pastes it to the browser. They do make changes and are more than skilled enough to make changes to chromium code relevant to Brave.

Before starting Brave, Brendan Eich worked on Mozilla which he co founded. Even before that, he worked on Netscape. Brave is maintained by a person who worked on Browsers for a long long time.

In the last few months, Brave has made significant advances in its performance. I have been using Brave for over a year. I still remember how buggy Brave Desktop was in Q1 2018. Its UI and stability has significantly improved. Brave team managed to improve a Browser that was almost unusable to something that could soon rival market giants like Chrome and Firefox. That too in only one year.

Be reminded that Chrome wasn’t built in a day. It took years of development for both Chrome and Chromium to get where it is now. Brave team’s prior performance proves that they have the skill to maintain chromium to some extent for continuing development of Brave.

Some might argue that Brave won’t have the funds to do it. That is also not quite correct. Brave Inc is funded by Founders Fund (A Silicon Valley VC Fund) and other private investors. They have a lot more money than the 35 million raised in the ICO. If needed, they will put more money into Brave's development.

And lastly, Chromium is an open source project. If Google tried to monopolize Chromium, there will surely be an uproar among Chromium developers. Alternatively, Brave and other Chromium based browsers such as Vivaldi, Yandex etc could merge their resources and collaborate to continue maintaining it. 


As I have explained above, Google controlling Chromium is not a threat to Brave or BAT. There is a lot of options available for the Brave team to continue developing Brave and BAT. They have the funds, the skills and the vision to continue delivering great products.

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