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How Brave Ads Work

1 week ago littleboy $0.18 (99.1349 HYDRO)

Brave Inc will soon launch the stable version of Brave Browser (Brave 1.0) that will include a fully functional opt-in advertising system. This opt-in advertising system (Brave Ads) is one of most anticipated blockchain product of 2019 made by Brave...

No, Google Can’t Stop Brave & BAT Development

4 weeks ago littleboy $0.12 (67.0269 HYDRO)

About two months ago, Google proposed a change to Chromium Browser that will make uBlock browser extension obsolete. uBlock is a popular browser extension that blocks all ads on webpages. That proposal made some users of the BAT community concerned a...

Golem Vs AWS

18 Mar 2019 littleboy $10.51 (5,922.9397 HYDRO)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a major competitor of golem network. Golem Network could become economically unsustainable if AWS provided better and cheaper services than Golem. This is a major concern many Golem investors have in their mind. AWS provi...