Everything you need to know about the Brave Browser and BAT tokens

By Zoran Spirkovski | BAT Fans | 24 Nov 2018

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Everything you need to know about Brave Browser and Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)

There are thousands of companies and services that are relying on your internet activity for their business. These are the trackers and advertisers that are leveraging your information by means of cookies and analytics. Then they use this information to place “convenient” advertisements on the websites that you visit.

Brave browser successfully prevents trackers and advertisers from getting your data by keeping it client-side. It also offers much more, such as the ability to get paid in order for advertisers to be able to reach you. Or at least that is the promise that they will eventually deliver.

In this article you will be able to find more information regarding the Brave Browser, BAT tokens, and what are the benefits for using them as a regular user, a publisher, and an advertiser. This article contains information gathered from the company’s public messaging in addition to data collected from the social web.

What is the Brave Browser?


The Brave browser is a software product developed by the team behind BAT under the name of their own corporation “Brave Software Inc.”. We have included information in this article about the tokens as well, which you will be able to find below. For the purposes of this article, we are treating both BAT and Brave as the same entity, largely because the core teams of both corporations are the same.

Brave, as a company is dedicated to improving the web experience for users in terms of safety, speed, and incentive. Compared to BAT, Brave has more people working on their team to develop the project. The browser itself is more than just a browser and incorporates a lot of the technology that was produced through the work under the BAT project.

Much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works. Brave is open source and built by a team of privacy-focused, performance-oriented pioneers of the web, founded by the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla.

They are creating a new ecosystem that is based on attention, where users get a reward for their active participation in advertisement campaigns. The project promises to provide an increased level of incentive to use the platform and browser, as their main goal is not to be another browser out there.

They want to fundamentally change the landscape of digital marketing and advertising. Reinventing the internet and web browsing is a feat that takes a lot of time and represents a significant challenge, but Brave has been pushing the fold to the next level.

What is the Basic Attention Token?


The fuel for everything that happens on the Brave platform.

At the time of writing the Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) has limited usage and potential, but still represents a crucial part of the platform even at these early stages. Basic Attention Tokens are ERC20 utility tokens that are used inside the Brave platform for a couple of different reasons. They have a critical role in the experience of users, publishers, and advertisers, which includes:

  • Advertisement placement
  • Earning rewards as a publisher
  • Getting rewards as a user

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use BAT to purchase branded merchandise at the BAT store. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are still new and have disrupted the way the world works in an extremely short period of time. We couldn’t find a reason why they wouldn’t accept their own token at the store, but at the same time we are not their lawyer.

Maybe in the future?

For now, have a look at this video here, where the current state of advertising technology is being described in just three minutes, together with the goals and aspirations of the company. They hope to solve all of these problems and create significant benefits for users.

Speaking of...

What are the benefits of using Brave Browser?


For regular users just like you and me, there are many benefits to use Brave instead of another browser. First of all, we get to enjoy a faster browsing experience, and websites will not “cost” so much data to access, as all trackers and advertisements are blocked by default.

The Brave Browser is utilizing a couple of key technologies to combat the unwarranted presence of trackers and advertisers in the user experience. This leads to several additional benefits including:

  • Improved page load speeds
  • Increased level of online privacy
  • Data ownership
  • Increased battery life for mobile devices

Down the line, we will also have the ability to receive advertisements directly or through publishers, but only if we have activated the corresponding features. For now, these features are still being tested on.

It is unclear when Brave and BAT will begin their advertising activities, but considering the fact that they want to preserve our privacy (and reward us), they can take their time.

The Brave Advertiser

If you came to this article looking to discover a new platform through which you can advertise your own or client’s products and services, then be prepared for disappointment.

The unfortunate truth of the current state of the Brave browser and BAT is that there are not a lot of benefits for advertisers to extract in the current model. They are however preparing to push through and open up for advertisers. They’ve already started to experiment with trials and if you are interested in learning more, after reading this article you should reach out to them directly.

As we mentioned before, Brave is tackling the issues that are plaguing the advertising landscape, strives to provide a triple A privacy experience, and create an actionable KPI measurement for advertisers.

That’s not an easy goal and will take some time. You can support the project’s development by engaging with their team, and hopefully help them get it done sooner.

How will ads work on Brave?

Brave asks users to opt-in the advertisement program, making them eligible to receive ads and get reimbursed for interacting with the ads. There will be two types of ads available, as announced by the company so far.

The first is a direct to consumer ad, for which the user will have a special tab in their browser from where they can see the content. It will reward the user up to 70% of the ad revenue. The ads can be used for video, push-notifications, or landing pages.

The second is a publisher ad, one that is positioned on a content creator’s website in a typical banner. These ads will reward the user 15% of the ad revenue, and 70% of that will go to the publisher.

Advertising needs targeting options, and in the case of Brave, they will be generated by a local, client-sided algorithm that uses artificial intelligence to match ads to users. It is an effort to combine the privacy for users, and still provide quantifiable/useful data for advertisers.

Brave has announced a Brave Ads whitepaper to be released prior to the activation of the advertising features, so you will have more than enough time to get acquainted with the platform.

The Brave Publisher

Things are looking great for the publishers that have embraced the Brave platform, whether they know it or not. The content creator support platform is fully operational, and new Brave users receive 25 BAT to send to whatever publisher they want.

The interesting part is that you don’t even have to be verified with the network for your website to receive the tokens. Claiming them requires verification, which of course helps Brave know that they are sending the tokens to the correct owner.

Publishers still don’t have the ability to enable ads on their website, but they can promote Brave through their referral platform and earn $5 for every sign up they generate for the platform.

Should you use Brave?

That’s a decision that only you can make.

If you ask me, then absolutely yes.

Brave is connecting the world of cryptocurrency and has provided more than 3 million people with privacy, faster browsing experience, and continues to grow rapidly. This culturally-fueled community is bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and the casual internet.

Even people that do not know anything about cryptocurrency are using Brave, predominantly for their privacy features. You can imagine the surprise on my face when I discover that somebody uses the app on their phone.

All in all, using Brave will provide you with a streamlined ad-free experience, unless you want to be shown ads. In that case you will be reimbursed for your attention. Just a final repeat, these ad-placement features are not active yet, and there are no indications of what the earning potential will be for Brave.

Advertisers, they care about numbers and low costs. Brave, they care about privacy and revenue sharing. Joining Brave today, will help that ecosystem become larger and stronger, and higher numbers attract more advertisers. This causes some pressure on Brave to work faster and create the advertisement paradise as soon as possible.

Be proud, be Brave.

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