Brave Browser Saves Your Precious Time

Brave Browser Saves Your Precious Time

By littleboy | BAT Fans | 9 Feb 2019

Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development at Brave Inc recently made a tweet about how much time people saved using Brave Browser. Here's the tweet:

"It's the end of the first month of 2019, time for a stat check.
Approaching 5hrs of time saved!

How are your @brave stats looking?
Grab a screenshot and share w/ #bravestats

The outside web has made you into a target, @brave has your back."

Inspired by his tweet, many Brave users including people associated with Brave Inc shared statistics of Brave Browser displayed in the the new tab page to the #bravestats hashtag on twitter. A few days later, Bat Community made a video showing a compilation of these stats (Bat_Community is a community account maintained by trusted BAT community members). Here's the video:

The statistics show how many Ads and Trackers were blocked by Brave Browser and how much time a user can save using it. The "Estimated time saved" stat is algorithimically estimated. Therefore, it will have a little margin of error. Even so, these stats confirm that users can save time and be more productive if they use Brave.

This is a unique feature of Brave that most browsers do not provide. Brave can do this because it blocks content such as ads and trackers before they are loaded. These trackers / ads eat up a lot of data when they are loaded onto a Web Browser. But in Brave Browser, they are blocked by default which increases the page loading speed. In most independently varifiable tests, Brave's pageloading time outperformed other Web Browsers.

That also means that Brave uses less bandwidth compared to Browsers that load ads. This saves data charges especially for mobile users. These features benefit the average internet users so, they are more likely to adopt Brave if they are aware of this.

That is why I would like to request all my readers who are BAT community members and have a twitter account to consider supporting this initiative. And post their Brave stats in the #bravestats hashtag. This will expose BAT and Brave Browser to users who haven't heard of it yet. The more people know about Brave, the more it is likely that they will join our great community. This will bring value to BAT platform.

In order to make it easier for everyone to take screenshots of their stats, I have made a little tutorial about how you can do this below.

To take screenshots in a computer, you need a software that can capture screenshots. The one I use is Fastone Capture. You can download it from here (it is free):

Download and install it on your computer and start the app. Then, go to Brave new tab page. Click on the "Capture Rectangular Region" icon to take a screenshot.


Clicking on that icon will open a selector to take the screenshot. After selecting the area you want to capture, you will see a window like the one shown below.


Now, you can click on Save As from the toolbar to save the image and share it on twitter.

Thanks for reading the whole article. Feel free to give your opinions about it in the comments. Littleboy on Telegram:


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