Bonsai on a Paper Clay Canvas

I started a tree in three dimensions and still haven't finished it. Why?

The stem and branches are all easy but the leaves are still beyond me. I think I need to practice some more. 

What was difficult, I think, was that the branches are too weak to support the pressure I exert on it when detail-molding/carving the leaves.

To solve this I made a paper clay canvas, model a bonsai tree, and shape the leaves. This form of the sculpture is called a relief sculpture.


Although the details are still difficult to achieve, I solved half the problem.


Painting seems easy but there are times I wish the paper clay canvas was without the raised parts and fine crevices.


I don't have an available frame so I framed it digitally.


Still, I haven't touched the 3D tree that I have made and I thought I have to keep doing more of this as practice. Plus side, it's quite easy and fun to do.

Hoping to inspire.




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Dennis Tolentino
Dennis Tolentino

Paper Mache Clay Sculptor

Bas Relief - a Paper Mache Sculpture
Bas Relief - a Paper Mache Sculpture

Imagine a painting or drawing that seems to want to get out of the canvas.

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