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By BarczaSzandra | BarczaSzandra | 2 Apr 2021

Big changes are coming to the page.

Unfortunately, there were more and more spammers, so the noise team had to act. What I like best about is that I have always felt that spammers have no place here and are fighting them.

But of course anyone who wants something will find a solution to everything, so the forbidden words places came from the comments that "done" "s done" "sub done" etc. And honestly, it bothers me a lot. I just don’t respond to comments like this and they certainly don’t get a tip from me.

What annoys me the most are users who post their own content and show themselves to be honest, proudly celebrate their many subscribers, and so on. Meanwhile, the "sub done" comments are written in a row.

In this article, I don’t want to copy what the noise team wrote, I just want to describe my personal opinion on the content of the post.

You can read the post here:


I totally agree that not all users deserve support and free tips. Because you don’t need talent to search for a photo on the web and upload it.

Nor are many followers difficult to get if in fact it is just an exchange. Anyway, just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean they get a lot of tips at all. Thus, the number of followers is like a comparison of biceps in the gym. Hahaha ..

However, there are things I don’t really agree with, more specifically not in every form. For example, a quote will be considered a low quality post from now on.

I don’t know how strict a rule this is or whether there are any obvious exceptions, we’ll find out later. I love quotes so much. I think they are very apt to express a mood or just encourage others.

I have already published a quote for editing my own photo, or I have published a quote that also describes my own thoughts about it. I think publishing a quote in this form is no less worthless than many other posts.

7e0dbb2f2497eacd0493b2f3fc0da964fe1cef36bdc086935a11cd0d18564adf.jpgI think it’s important to point out that these new rules don’t mean you can’t make money on from now on, because if you don’t get freetips, you can get tips from even other users. Yet I think if you do something then do it well or don’t do it at all!

So expectations need to be acknowledged, accepted and the site used accordingly.

And let’s not forget that we always have a chance to change. If after checking our profile it is determined that we are not eligible for freetips we do not have to give up. If we think we are original and deserve support then look at the rules and our posts. Let’s learn from our mistakes and move on.

If you don't want your profile to be branded as low quality, DO NOT do the following:


  • upload photos with only an emoji or title
  • “Thank you for the tip” with screenshot. (These posts are absolute not Interesting)
  • Giveaway your Freetips (but you can do it with your own money)
  • Good morning, Good night, my lunch etc posts
  • Anything what is copied from the internet


Anyway, I’ve always said that you can’t just say something good or bad for something. One content may be boring to me but interesting to another. The information you provide to me may be interesting but it may not be interesting to anyone else. That's okay.

On the other hand, it is not okay if you are not interested in what you post or what others post. I think this is the difference between valuable and worthless users.


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