What does the future holds?

There's no crystal ball, though we would like to have one. With this pandemic scenario and all central banks flooding the market with money like never before, we should act carefully, preparing for the next storm on the economy and markets.


Although we don't know what future holds, we should be prepared for any scenario, specially to the worse one. With the market being flooded by tons of money, one thing comes to mind: Inflation. But what can we do to face this scenario? Most of the specialists recommend gold, fiat money and properties. Some still would add cryptocurrencies to the list. But can we say for sure that this is gonna happen? No, but better be safe than sorry.

Most of us who are here are crypto investors. This is good, because some of that amount of money issued by the central banks will gonna arrive on cryptomarkets. The cryptocurrencies may follow the inflation rates. I'm not saying the cryptomarket gonna follow strictly the same amount of the inflation rates, but it may keep some similarity. The appreciation of the cryptomarkets may keep our purchasing power, which will put us in a good place.

But having only crypto on our portfolio isn't enough. We need fiat money and gold. We need to have safe investments that may keep its value accompanying the inflation rates. Those who can afford buying a property may consider this option too, since physical assets is still an excelent option. Properties may too be the kind of investment where part of the money will come.

Everyone should choose by yourself the best percentage of all kind of investments in your portfolio, based in the situation of each one individually. The portfolio assembly vary according to many factors, and we differ from each other. So, be careful and prepare yourself for the future.

Prepare for the future, storms are on the horizon.

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