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By banano | Banano | 13 Sep 2021

BANANO is a DAG-based cryptocurrency with easy-to-use apps, distributed entirely for free through airdrops, faucets, and games. All happening in a fun, community-driven, meme-rich, and educational atmosphere. The BANANO community project cryptomonKeys started already almost a year ago with free distribution of BANANO-themed NFTs! Here’s another update from the project, including an invitation to its first anniversary party on September 19th!


Join us to celebrate our first anniversary!

It’s almost one year already! It’s been lots of fun with you all! Make sure you join our Discord and check in on Sep 19th — we’ll have a big party and some bantastic surprise news over the day! See you there!

How to Get Free cryptomonKeys NFTs

Newly joining users often wonder how they can get cryptomonKeys for free. So here’s an updated overview:

There are various events and giveaways running without prior or widespread announcement in the cryptomonKeys social media channels. Most are running and announced on the cryptomonKeys discord server.

Join and follow cryptomonKeys here:

Website | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Telegram
cryptomonKeys at AtomicHub: live trading offers | sale history

Other ways how to get free cryptomonKeys NFTs:

  • Introduce yourself at the cryptomonKeys discord, read the pinned posts in the channel #👋intro-and-feedback before doing this. You can only do this once.
  • Create memes or fan art, or contribute by helping others. We love rewarding contributors. You might get tips from @The Green Wizard (our Discord NFT Tipbot).
  • monKeymining — Earn cryptomonKeys by playing Alien Worlds! Details & help getting started at and further below. Note: monKeymining will be paused after Sep 19th.
  • monKeymiles— Earn cryptomonKeys by playing Upland: Details and help getting started can be found here and further below.
  • Each cryptomonKeys NFT includes a graphical hint on the next card. Guess the name of the next cryptomonKey card in the discord channel #❓monkeyguessing (read pinned post there) and get free cryptomonKeys as rewards if you guess it right!
  • Hold any cryptomonKeys NFT in your wallet to have a chance on monKeyfarm drops (details:
  • Follow our social media (links in #👉important-links) and keep an eye on #announcements & #🎁giveaways for giveaways and events (both NFTs and $BANANO giveaways/airdrops!)
  • cryptomonKeys is about reaching new users and getting them started (and educated) about NFTs. If you have any ideas or proposals how to help with this, contact us! We love engaged community members!

Lastly, you can of course still buy (or sell) cryptomonKeys on secondary markets, e.g. here at AtomicHub.

More details and updates about monKeymining and monKeymiles in particular further below.

monKeyslots — Earn BANANO by Owning cryptomonKeys NFTs

You’re wondering what you could do with your cryptomonKeys NFTs in addition to ‘just’ collecting/trading them and earn & farm even more? Play monKeyslots, a slot machine-style BANANO faucet connecting BANANO and cryptomonKeys NFTs! In brief: The more cryptomonKeys you own, the better your chances to get BANANO from this faucet! More details here. Keep in mind it’s still in beta and constantly being improved.


monKeymiles: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing Upland

cryptomonKeys is about making free NFT distribution fun, as a community and by connecting with other NFT/blockchain projects. Already several weeks ago, we started to reward Upland players with cryptomonKeys NFTs for visiting specific properties, similar to monKeymining. This has been in a beta stage in collaboration with the MetaForce comics project, initiated by Recourier. After positive feedback we’re now rebranding this to monKeymiles and will regularly drop cryptomonKeys NFTs to players who visit cryptomonKeys Upland properties.


Getting Started

  • If you are new to this, sign up for Upland here
  • Since Upland is not on the WAX blockchain, it is essential that you fill out this form once so we know where to send your rewards
  • Make sure to join our Discord (channel #monkeymiles) for discussion with other players and support, and to not miss updates!
  • Now, simply visit one of the properties listed on this website in the game with your explorer. The more often you visit any of those, the higher your chance on cryptomonKeys NFT drops, which will be sent out roughly every 2–3 weeks.

You can find up-to-date details and a history of sent rewards always at


monKeymining: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing Alien Worlds

In January 2021, we announced monKeymining: Earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the game AlienWorlds! This has led to lots of ongoing attention and excitement and loads of new users joining the community and we meanwhile sent over 33k cryptomonKeys NFTs to miners and stakers! Here’s an update including cycle 18+19 mining and staking rewards that were sent out today!


You can earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by playing the play-to-earn NFT-based game Alien Worlds. You currently can earn cryptomonKeys NFTs by mining or by staking, just by playing the game, on top of the regular in-game rewards!


NOTE: After the current monKeymining cycle 20 has ended (Sep 19th), we will pause regular monKeymining rewards until further notice and review this part of our current cryptomonKeys distribution scheme. monKeymining (including staking rewards) may resume after we made our mind in a modified form, depending on various aspects including how Alien Worlds as game will evolve and be updated. In the meantime we will still have Alien Worlds based community events at our discord as before. Stay tuned for updates.

If you have any questions, find all details here, and join our discord and ask in the channel #monkeymining for help. Lots of users are discussing there all the time. Updates and current status (as well as helpful links) can always be found at

Reward Summary monKeymining cycles #18+19

monKeymining Reward summary cycle 18:

Rewards were sent out for all mining events happening on specified cryptomonKeys lands from July 25, 2021 (19:19 UTC) to Aug 8, 2021 (19:19 UTC). A total of 10157 different users mined a total of 103k TLM during this timeframe. Top 423 ranked miners had a 100% chance on a cryptomonKey, all other miners had a chance on bonus cryptomonKeys as well, while higher rankings had higher chances, respectively. Rewards sent:

  • 5 Rare cryptomonKeys
  • 10 Uncommon cryptomonKeys
  • 420 Common cryptomonKeys

monKeystaking rewards summary cycle 18:

For this cycle, the snapshot of TLM stakers to Neri (=NER holders) was taken on Aug 19, 2021 (11:31 UTC). We sent out guaranteed cryptomonKeys NFTs rewards to all users ranked within the Top 199 (current staking rankings can always be found here). Everyone in the Top 500 had chances on bonus cryptomonKeys NFTs. Rewards sent:

  • 5 Rare cryptomonKeys
  • 9 Uncommon cryptomonKeys
  • 230 Common cryptomonKeys

monKeymining Reward summary cycle 19:

Rewards were sent out for all mining events happening on specified cryptomonKeys lands from Aug 08, 2021 (19:19 UTC) to Aug 22, 2021 (19:19 UTC). A total of 25882 different users mined a total of 134k TLM during this timeframe. Rewards sent:

  • 3 Rare cryptomonKeys
  • 10 Uncommon cryptomonKeys
  • 265 Common cryptomonKeys

monKeystaking rewards summary cycle 19:

For this cycle, the snapshot of TLM stakers to Neri (=NER holders) was taken on Sep 8, 2021 (15:09 UTC). Everyone in the Top 500 had chances on bonus cryptomonKeys NFTs. Rewards sent:

  • 3 Rare cryptomonKeys
  • 9 Uncommon cryptomonKeys
  • 100 Common cryptomonKeys

If you want to look up exact rankings, e.g. to check your position, you’ll find a link within the Rewards summaries section here. Make sure you have joined our discord server to access that data.


Since we started in January, a total of 33333 cryptomonKeys were sent out for monKeymining and staking:



Any mention of a third party platform, product, service or website in this article does not imply an endorsement by the BANANO core team. All information is provided to the author’s best knowledge at the time of writing, will likely not be updated and thus might be outdated when this article is read in the future. CryptomonKeys is a community project created by two BANANO core team members, SoggyApplePie and bantano. CryptomonKeys is building on the BANANO MonKey concept (visual account representatives) created and developed by Yekta and bbedward from the BANANO core team. This article was written by bantano with lots of help from SoggyApplePie and Vyryn.

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