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cryptomonKeys (BANANO-themed NFTs) is turning 2 years! Join the Party for free NFTs and BAN!

By banano | Banano | 19 Sep 2022

Here's an update (and bday invitation!) from the BANANO community project cryptomonKeys. They meanwhile have minted over 300,000 NFTs and distribute them entirely for free. See below for an update by SoggyApplePie, one of the co-founders, that just came out at The Daily Peel:

One more year is in the books as cryptomonKeys celebrates its second birthday since its launch in September 2020.. and my, my, how monKeys do fly!

Thank you to solecitouwu for making this awesome banner!    

Year 2 at a Glance (Sept 2021 - Sept 2022)


We realize that it's nearly impossible to include every event and milestone that has happened during cryptomonKeys 2nd year, so here is a brief and totally non-exhaustive list of SOME of the cool things to happen to cryptomonKeys since our last birthday:

- monKeypacks launch

- monKeyconnect launch

- monKeymatch launch

- BANANO airdrop to cryptomonKeys holders

- monKeystacks launch

- stacks airdrop to cryptomonKeys holders

- DYGYCON Ancient Sponsors, plus DYGYCON 9, 10, and 11

- daily drops during the months of October and December

- monKeycast launch

- cryptomonKeys YouTube launch

- bbs launch

- Meme Contest

- milestone: 50 stacks celebratory SNAPSHOT and massive stack drop

- monKeytrains launch

- launch

- new website launch

- cryptomonKeys Design Contest #2

- over 300k NFTs minted!

With even more giveaways, games, contests, airdrops, community initiatives, and events than we can count; including collaborations with Valiant Comics, Warsaken, Trains of the Century, Red Panda, Dungeons & Banano, Cat Stickers, Wombat, and more!

  What to look forward to  

We have lots of fun things in store to keep the monkey business going all throughout cryptomonKeys’ birthday: from trivia, live streams, and tons of exciting reveals!

Trivia and Games All Day


Trivia - hosted by Majic DocTrivia - hosted by Dr Yunani

Colour Palette Game - hosted by Soggy

CropTrivia - hosted by Jimothy

Train Trivia - hosted by mithc

Telegram Trivia - hosted by dev/aux

GIF Trivia - hosted by turKer

Bonus monKeypick’em Polls - hosted by Ovi

Karaoke - hosted by Ghostcam

monKeycast activities with various guests - hosted by Aku


En Español

Spanish Trivia: EnigMonkey - hosted by WhiteFlag/Rose

Spanish Trivia on Telegram: ¿Y esta carta? - hosted by Arianna

Spanish Community Call - hosted by WhiteFlag

  Freebies All Day  

- Tips, airdrops, and monKeydrops x19

- Prizes galore

- 20k+ BANANO Giveaway


Black Monkey Faucet available to play - If you have registered with BananoBot++ in the BANANO Discord server, you are eligible to play the Black Monkey faucet in the cryptomonKeys Discord and earn yourself some $BAN


Reveals All Day


- monKeystacks reveals - cryptomonKey #92 reveal

- monKeypacks series 2: cryptomonKeys card packs


Join us for our worldwide celebrations and experience the fullness of free distribution! Hangout in our Discord and check out our other socials, get some $BANANO and cryptomonKeys, and power your September 19th with potassium.

Enjoy our Terrible Twos with us! And thank you to Takku for creating this incredible card pack design!

Thank you to those who prepared something special to celebrate cryptomonKeys 2nd birthday. Thank you to those who find something special in every day, who take their time and talents to ongoingly run fun games and activities within the community. Your contributions to the ecosystem are great, but the kindness and positive spirit you bring into the community are truly what makes cryptomonKeys a special place to experience.

Thank you to our unparalleled team for your tireless efforts. Whose contributions in the background cannot be understated, nor fully understood by anybody who is not privileged enough to see your brilliance and determination on a regular basis. You are the reason we have maintained such a trusting and safe community since the beginning, and have been able to distribute hundreds of thousands of NFTs in that time.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last two years. We are grateful beyond words to be on this journey with people who make work feel like home, and make home feel like a jungle.

Originally published by SoggyApplePie at The Daily Peel.

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