Banano 6th Banniversary Party and Airdrop Recap

By banano | Banano | 14 Apr 2024

Banano celebrated its 6th Birthday just a few days ago. After a great party and a little hangover, here's now a brief recap of major events from that day including a summary of the Banano Bday Airdrop. This is for those who were there and like to reminisce, for the history books, and for everyone who missed the party.

Banano Bday Airdrop

This special birthday airdrop was announced at the Banano discord during the party, shortly after here and on other Banano socials, which gave everyone who is following updates time to participate and simply change their wallet representative to be eligible for the airdrop.

The airdrop was sent out shortly after to 3315 eligible accounts holding a total of 324.7 Million Banano. The reward was basically an airdrop of 3.47% of the Banano balance in that balance for the first million and 1% for the remainder, with some other minor adjustments. Congrats to all participants!

Since this incentivized changing to an online representative not being one of the two biggest ones, it contributed to further decentralize the Banano network based on voting weight allocation to more reps.

Banano Bday Reddit Giveaway

To also celebrate in the Banano subreddit, we organized a Banano giveaway here, which ended with over 1000 participants!

cryptomonKeys Banniversary NFT giveaway


The community project cryptomonKeys (Banano-themed NFTs on the Wax blockchain) released 3 Banniversary-themed monKeystacks NFTs with different rarities and gave them away in two discord giveaways at the Banano discord and the cryptomonKeys discord server. In total, 2700 NFTs were sent out to participants few days ago.

Possible Banano Runner 2.0 leak

It may have been an April Fools joke, or maybe not? We'll know eventually. Here's some 'leaked' footage posted at the Banano discord showing a possible alpha version of Banano Runner 2. The original Banano Runner was one of the first play2earn/free2play crypto games, specifically a Banano Faucetgame running for several rounds in 2018.

There were lots of other things happening that aren't mentioned above, including disturbing April Fools on different Banano services, a great late night Bango event, 200k Banano or so have been rained and tipped to partycipants, and 19 Banano might have been burned. 🍌👀

That's all folks - thanks to everyone who joined!

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