"Just falling in love"

By bammbuss | bammbuss | 17 Aug 2019

The song is performed by Iyoka Okoavo born on 04/28/1975, a native of Boston (USA).
An American singer from a family of Nigerian immigrants, teachers at the University of Boston.
Iioka received a good education and worked as a pharmacist. When the craving for versification, music and singing was overpowered, the girl became a singer. Iioka writes poems to her songs herself.

Poems for the song Simply falling (Just falling in love) were also written by the performer. These are the usual nonsense of a healthy woman: love, heart, feelings ... But would life without them not have become unbearably fresh and boring?

"And again you, my heart! Even after
That time when I thought we were pretending
Everything looks different when your eyes are open.
You play these games so that my heartbeat is faster.
You showed me love, you showed me love
You show me everything my heart is capable of.
I'm like the paper you make origami from ... "

Iioka can sing and she has a wonderful velvety, deep voice. A girl with a voice and talent just went out to the microphone and sang. The song "Just Falling in Love" received 89 307 526 views and 533 thousand likes ...





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