Will HF25 bring more new investors to Hive Blockchain?

By Bala | Bala | 20 Apr 2021

Of all the changes that are going to come in HF25, I'm very glad about the changes to the HBD interests. Right now if a user is holding HBD in their account, they are getting 3% interest for their HBD. This 3% is set by the witnesses in a consensus manner.

HF25 is bringing some good changes to Hive. Below are the things that I find very attractive.

  • HBD will become a more stable coin and for that changes are happening inside the chain itself.
  • Only people who have their HBD in the savings will be able to get interest from their HBD.
  • There are talks to increase the interest rates from 10 - 20% which will be a reasonable value.


Challenges with the current HBD interest model

Everyone getting extra interest for holding HBD is definitely a good thing but it has to be fair. The price of HBD is also not strictly pegged to 1$. Anyone who is having HBD in their account is also getting an interest. We all know that HBD is also listed on some of the exchanges and if there is frequent trading happening there, the price will not be stable.


In the current model, the HBD that is kept on exchanges also gets interests. For HBD on an Exchange account, a 3% interest itself is a huge thing. The above image shows the list of accounts with the total interest they received after 01-01-2021. If we look at the list the top accounts are mostly exchange accounts as well.

Let's take a look at some of the stats from the blockchain.

Top 20 account that has the most HBD balance



Top 20 accounts that have the most HBD in savings



Why HF25 can attract new investors?

The new HF25 is coming up with a feature to get interest only on Savings and not for just holding HBD. The main attractive thing here is that we might attract more investors from outside if the Interest rate is going to be 10-20%. We currently don't have a safe decentralized solution to get such huge interest in the crypto world. We do have lots of centralized options available but this will be a great thing for Hive.

This is what makes me feel that new people will start getting into Hive just for the sake of HBD. They will want to have that 10-20% interest for their holdings and this can give a new opportunity. For people who are not interested in Blogging, coming here for the sake of investment alone will also be a good thing. We can say for sure that there will be a few people who would gradually start learning more about the Hive ecosystem and also bring more investors.

So far I think marketing is what is lacking when it comes to Hive Blockchain. Though we have a very good community and ecosystem here, we lack marketing and adoption is also a little difficult. The rewarding model is also getting a bit simplified in this HF and it can be a little easier for people to understand how rewarding works here.

DeFi is still an attractive thing in the crypto world in 2021. If HBD interest can be from 10-20%, I would already call that Decentralized Finance because the ecosystem is decentralized and we provide financial solutions by giving attractive interest rates for the investments. I personally will start talking about this to some of my friends and bring them to Hive at least as an investor if not blogger.

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