Web3 gaming considerations

By Bala | Bala | 23 Jun 2024

There are enormous opportunities available in the blockchain world, such as gaming. Many games are built on different blockchains and equality is competent and interesting for the players. We have to consider some things when it comes to web3 gaming. This article is going to provide some considerations that I can think of if we are building a blockchain game or if we are playing a blockchain game, these are the few things that we should be expecting from the game.


Security is very important for everything. Anything we build, either it is just an application or a game, we have to focus on security and that's a big consideration. With the help of blockchain we get a default security that is one of the base features. If we build a game on top of blockchain transactions, we don't have to worry too much about the security aspects especially in a well established blockchain.


Provably fair

To some extent, it is better to keep the outcome of the game events as provably fair where people can check the outcomes on their own by selecting a different possibility. Some of the popular games like Splinterlands have this as a feature where people can check the outcome on their own. This works in such a way that based on the block hash produced, the outcome varies. Sometimes we might get lucky in the next block but things would have happened in an unlucky block in the blockchain. Usually betting games or games that have outcome-based gameplay will have the concept of provably fair where the players can check if their outcome was a fair one.

User experience

When it comes to gaming, user experience plays a very important role. People are attracted to the graphics and usability of the game. One of the biggest problems with user experience is that sometimes the transactions and responses are very slow in blockchain games making it an outstanding challenge for the players. As we are doing transactions in real-time on layer 1 or layer 2 of the blockchain, we might have to wait for the records to get updated before we can visually see them. This delay is not good for the games and it can affect user experience.



The gaming world is rapidly changing. Even though many people prefer playing retro-style games, we have to modernize a little bit by adding additional aspects to the game. Modern can also be something that can be a consideration for using modern tools to build games. Today with the help of advanced game engines, anyone can build their concept into a game easily with limited coding too.

Game sustainability

This can be a big challenge. The main reason is that the scalability of blockchain and the dependency it has on the APIs can become a challenge. Tokenomics is another thing to worry about. If we can build a game that is very good in Tokenomics, we have to be sure that this will sustain very well in the future too. The world is changing rapidly and the needs can also change. We have to develop or maintain a game in such a way that it is sustainable.

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