Wait is over - Powered up my Hive holdings

By Bala | Bala | 1 Nov 2020

It can be totally contradicting to see that I write about the downtrend of Hive two days back and today I write a post that I'm powering up so much of Hive. Yeah even though the downtrend is there and I'm not very happy about it, I would like to stay invested and I also see this as an opportunity to purchase some Hive and power up. Some day if the trend reverses, we might all have a good chance to increase the value of our portfolio.

For the past few months, I have been participating in Hive Power up day by powering up the Hive tokens I earn from this platform. This time it is a little different as I powered up more Hive which I purchased by selling my bitcoins a few months back. I powered up 3500 Hive today and have kept a little as liquid so that if at all Hive pumps, I would be able to sell a little and take a little profit.


A few days back I wrote an article saying that I have been waiting for the power-up day to power up all the Hive that I have purchased by selling my Bitcoin holdings. The sad thing is that I did not purchase those Hive in the current downtrend but a few months back. To be precise the value of Hive in Satoshi has reduced to half since then. If the value of the Hive also reaches 10 cents, I guess my initial investment value would have also reached half giving me a 100% loss.

I actually decided to put the Hive into some use where I can power it up and use them for my daily curation activities. That is one of the reasons why I was waiting for the power-up day. Finally, the wait is over. Today I finally powered up all my Hive holdings. I moved the funds from my exchange wallet. That is where the funds were sleeping for the past few months without any positive trend on Hive. I decided to move the Hive from the exchange wallet to my own wallet and power it up.


With this, I don't have any balances in the exchanges to trade. I have moved all my balances from the exchanges to the wallet and have powered it up. I was initially targeted to power up at least a minimum of 1000 Hive per month. This month I was able to do a lot more than that. One sad thing about the price of Hive is the fact that I have not been able to cash out any of the Hive I earned so far considering the price fall.


After doing the power-up, I was curious to check my rank among all the stakeholders on the Hive. I'm glad that my rank is 831 now. Before the power-up, it used to be over 1000. I'm glad that I'm at least below 1000 now. I would like to increase this even further and be among the top 500 stakeholders on Hive. But that is a long way to go. Well, there is no harm in dreaming big right.





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