Top 5 cards I used this week in Splinterlands

By Bala | Bala | 14 Aug 2020

It has been a very long time since I wrote articles about my Splinterlands journey. I really wanted to write regularly about my journey on Splinterlands but I couldn't get a good topic to write about as I don't want to spam my audience by just showcasing my daily quest rewards. This one is a great contest by @sayeeContest post is here and I wanted to take part in the contest. I thought I can write a little bit on this topic as there are some favorite cards for me.


When I actually started writing this post, I thought it would be easy for me to list out the top 5 cards I use in my games but I guess it is very difficult to select the top 5 among all the cards I use. But as it is the top 5 cards that I used this week, it makes it a lot easier to filter it out and pick the best cards. Below is the list of cards that I'm going to talk about.

  • Flesh Golem
  • Screeching Vulture
  • Cerberus
  • Animated Corpse
  • Kobold Miner

Ya, it was very hard to come up with the above list. Some people might have some fancy cards in their list and they would always prefer using those cards in the game but I did not invest so much on the new cards as my current cards itself makes me reach Champion league every season and I'm happy with that. I might think about investing more in purchasing new cards. Let me to the details of each card now.

Flesh Golem

This has been one of my favorite cards in the game especially after I upgraded this card to level 7. After upgrading it to level 7, I take this card to almost all my Earth battles. The main reason is that this has a Void ability to fight the magic monsters. The first time I saw the power of this ability, I was stunned to see that it was evading so much of magic attacks. Since then I started using this card in all my Earth splinter fights.

Screeching Vulture

The next card in the list is also an Earth deck card. The reason is that I received Earth splinter as my daily quest splinter multiple times this week. To talk about this card, I usually place this card in between the other cards. There are two good things about Screeching Vulture. The first thing is the ability to attack any monster who has low health and especially from any position of the lineup. The second interesting ability that this card has is the fact that it absorbs health from every dying card. Most of my Earth battles would have this card for sure.


When I get a fire deck in battles Cerberus will always be my tank in the game. There are a few reasons why I choose this card to be in the first position. The first reason is that the card is available for cheap mana. The health of the card is pretty decent for the first position tank with just 4 mana. The second good reason is the fact that it has a healing ability to withstand attacks by staying in the first position. Also with the upgraded level, the card also has a retaliate ability to revert back the damage done to this card.

Animated Corpse

When I start playing any battles with Death splinter, this card will be my tank most of the time. When there is a max 4 mana game, this card is very helpful by staying as the first position tank. Another good ability is the Void ability that this has to evade the attacks from magic attacks. If the mana in the game is limited, I usually go for this card. But if there is a bigger mana pool to use, I would still have Animated Corpse as my preference but still, I might go for a better tank card for the first position.

Kobold Miner

This is one of the most used fire deck cards in my collection. Not just this week but all my fire splinter games would definitely have this card towards the end of the deck unless if the mana limit is 50 or 99. Otherwise, this would always be my preference. The first reason is that this card has a good attack ability by just requiring 2 mana. In addition to that, the card also has snipe ability to attack the last monster in the opponent lineup. That's one interesting skill. I have a level 8 card in my collection which is what gives me all these great abilities at the cost of cheap mana. Additionally, as it is a fire deck I also get an extra attack from my summoner increasing the attack to 4 for this card.

Apart from the above 5 cards, I also use many cards regularly in all my games. It is something like I'm used to a few cards and I keep using them repeatedly for all my games. As I manage to reach the Champions league every time, I did not bother to explore new cards or purchase any fancy costly card from the market yet.

Thank you @sayee for this wonderful contest. I'm glad that I was able to write a splinterlands post after a very long time.


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