Splinterlands - Hard to keep up with the changes happening

By Bala | Bala | 2 Mar 2024

I have made Splinterlands my passive income source fully. I don't have the time to play the game anymore and stay up to date with the changes happening in the game. I would like to continue staying invested and that's why I have not sold any of my assets. The assets I'm holding on splinterlands are generating some passive income and I'm using that income to reinvest inside the game in the form of buying tokens and contributing to the liquidity pool.

I have a decent amount of tokens inside the Diesel pools that is generating the passive income for me. The rewards are not very big but I'm glad that it is decent. Currently, the value of the assets is also not very great. But as long as the model is sustaining, I guess it is good. I remember buying 2000 SPS for 2000$ back then when all the asset value was at its peak and the price of SPS was also very high as it was getting started. Today I have close to 100k SPS and the value is still close to 2000 dollars. Hopefully, the good times should be back again and we should be able to see the asset value going up.

The expectation is currently on the next bull run which is expected to increase the value of the tokens and the assets. There are still players who are dependent on the income they earn from Splinterlands to make their living. I'm glad that we have a working game on Hive that can provide this opportunity to the investors and players. Playing the game regularly is still a good source of income and at the same time for people who are trying to earn something as passive income from he game are also getting a decent income from the game. I was comparing the data from last month and wanted to see how my earning are looking. Last month I received 2071 SPS from the liquidity pool rewards but this month only 1692. I'm guessing this could be because of the improvement in the price of SPS.

In the above image, I'm able to see the value has improved a little bit. Last month the overall liquidity value was a little less and now it has improved. I'm glad that this has happened. The main reason could be because the overall value has been increasing which is a good thing.

I have already decided that 2024 is the year for me to book profits. I still invest a little bit into the game but it is hard for me to keep up with the changes happening in the game. So I don't play the game at all and have rented out all my assets and tokens. Whatever profits I get every month from the assets, I have been booking profits with that because I was reinvesting all the earnings till this year. Maybe it is good to book some profits when I have the chance. My core assets are still inside the game and I'm not touching them. I'm only booking profits from the additional income that I'm generating from the rentals of cards and the staking rewards I get from SPS.

The above comparison data shows that only the value of the tokens has increased a little bit otherwise there is no change in the price of the cards I believe. Two months back the value of my account was over 7k and now it has reduced a bit further. I hope when the bull run starts, the value of the assets will improve a bit more so that it looks like a good value. I have been holding some of the old edition cards. I don't have any new cards in my collection. Maybe that is also something that I should focus on in the future.

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