Sending e-wastes to other planets

By Bala | Bala | 28 Jul 2022

I have seen this in some fantasy movies. People dump their e-wastes in other planets. I guess it was in one of the Marvel movies I saw waste getting dumped on other planets and the alien species on those planets look for some valuable items from that trash and trade them for a good price. We are in a very preliminary stage to understand more about the planets around us. It can take several decades or even centuries to make travel possible to other planets.

Though this looks like a fantasy concept, I guess this is something that can get to reality when scientist find out how we can travel from one planet to another planet for cheaper cost. Right now to understand if Mars has water or not, takes a lot of effort and money but at the same time, we have not had any breakthrough yet. But I don't see this as a hurdle after a century probably. I may not be here to witness that but there will be some easy ways to commute from one planet to another planet.



Currently, there are some developing nations purchasing waste from other developed nations. This includes all types of wastes. In some cases as one country is selling it to another they don't even care about using biodegradable items because it is not going to pollute their lands anyways. The same can also happen with e-wastes when we dump them on other planets. But when this happens, we will also have the opportunity to get something mined from other planets as well.

The other planets are filled with many natural resources that are very important for our growth and development. There can even be materials in other planets that are not even recognized in our planet. There can be items that are exclusive to other planets only but we might be able to mine them and make use of it. If all the diamond reserved in the world is depleted, we can possibly travel to other planets to mine resources from there.

In order to dream all these things, the commute between planets has to be so advanced. Only then it can be a possibility. I also had a doubt if there will be a difference in weight our earth when other planetary objects come here or if we take objects to other planets. I wanted to think on these lines just for fun to have thought if it would even be a possibility to move things between planets and make use of resources from other planets as well. Maybe this can happen after several centuries where the human race would get so advanced to experiment all these things. There is also another possibility where we might have a huge nuclear war and we end up starting everything from scratch with a bow and arrow.

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