People are quitting their job when asked to return to office

By Bala | Bala | 22 Mar 2022

It has been over 700 days since we all started working from home. For some people, it was even more than 750 days. The pandemic is slowly settling down and people who are working from home are being asked to return to the office. This is where the problem is. People are used to working from home and returning back to the office every day is a big pain now. There are a few factors that make people quit their job instead of returning back to the office.

Many companies have already shifted to the full work from the Home model and some companies do hybrid. There are only a few companies that demand 100% working from the office. I'm talking only about the IT sector here. Other sectors can have their own challenges. People in the production sector cannot possibly work from home because it will not make any sense. Only for IT people, this is a boon. Some people also make it a bane by not doing any physical activity and focusing on work all the time.



Some factors that make people think that working from home is better are:

Traffic and travel

Traffic and travel are one of the biggest problems for people who work from office locations. When they have to travel from home to office, they have to undergo traffic that can waste almost like 2 hours per day for some people. Those who travel longer distances might even spend 4 hours on road to travel back and forth to the office. This is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer working from home instead of the office.

Cost saving

People will have to spend money on travel. Whether it is our own transportation or public or private transportation, every month we will have to allocate some funds for the travel. This becomes an additional burden for people. That's another reason why people want to continue working from home. When they are traveling or when they are in office, they spend a lot on so many things. Many people worry about purchasing formal dresses that would be required for the office. Old clothes are not going to fit anymore.


If we work from home, we have some freedom on the position we pick to sit and work. If we really want to take a short break by lying down in our bed, we are free to do so. If we need some food or coffee we can quickly make whatever we want and eat it. If we work from the office, these are all not possible and that becomes one of the biggest hindrances. It will mostly be similar to how we initially started working. It can possibly take a few weeks to get used to it again.

No socializing need

Some people are already hesitant to socialize. If we work from an office location, we might be forced to socialize but if we work from home, we don't really have to socialize with others and we can be our own boss in interacting with others. Some people don't even interact with their neighbors and sometimes don't even know who their neighbor is.



These are all some of the reasons why people want to quit their job instead of returning back to the office. In the last 2 years, people became a bit lazy and traveling to work also comes out of laziness. This includes me as well. I heard from some of my friends who decided to switch to a job that doesn't demand mandatory work from the office. I guess that will be the new lifestyle for many people. People who already are near to their retirement age or if they have already earned enough for their living, also quit their job when called back to the office. People who need money and are young to earn would be willing to do whatever their job demands because we all need money for existence.

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