No other decentralized platform offers 12% interest for a stable coin investment than Hive

By Bala | Bala | 21 Dec 2021

Yes, I'm talking about Hive. I recently noticed that the Interest from HBD has been changed from 10% to 12% by the top 20 witnesses. This is really a great thing for the investors. Especially for someone who believes in Hive and brings all their money as a stable coin investment here. HBD is a good stable coin investment. I would still recommend having a good Hive stake too but along with that having a pretty decent HBD investment here is also very important.

There is a small problem with Hive investment. The price of Hive is fluctuating based on the market trends and the demand and supply. That makes it hard to invest and earn a decent amount. Someone might have bought Hive at an all-time high and will end up waiting a few years to get their investment back. Even though there are options like powering up and earning curation rewards, there is a small risk factor there.

If you ask me, I would recommend going 50 - 50 on both types of investment on Hive. Even though we have a good opportunity here, after getting 12 percent interest from HBD, I personally think it is not wise to miss that opportunity. None of the investment schemes in our real-world gives us 12% for our stable coin investment. I have been doing 50-50 on my earnings. Whatever I earn from my author rewards, 50% automatically goes to Hive Power and in the remaining 50%, I push a major part to HBD savings on the 15th of every month.


Why is HBD a good investment?

There are a few reasons why HBD is a good investment in the decentralized world. There are so many investment opportunities on other platforms but I still consider HBD as a good investment and my reasons are as follows. Some are well known to everyone in this ecosystem.

  • Decentralization is the first important thing that I see as a selling point here. There are many chains that offer stable coin investment options and they also give some attractive interest rates but they are not actually decentralized. Hive is way more decentralized compared to all other platforms out there.
  • HBD is now a stable coin compared to the fluctuating coin we had earlier. Prior to the previous hard fork, HBD struggled to stay stable at 1$. But these days it still goes below and above 1 dollar but only for a short amount of time and it will get back to its 1 dollar mark.
  • 12% is an attractive interest rate for a stable coin investment. It used to be 10 percent which is also pretty decent but 12 percent is even more attractive. I don't think there is any decentralized place out there that offers 12 percent for a stable coin investment.
  • 3 days freeze period is the next interesting thing. We don't have to wait weeks or months to get our funds out of the investment. We can just take the funds out in 3 days whenever we need it.
  • Interest can be claimed every 30 days and can be held for an unlimited period of time. We don't have to define how long we would like to stay invested.

Considering all the above factors, I decided that HBD is a wonderful investment here compared to Hive and other coin investments. For other coins, the market price and stability are some of the biggest risks. There is a high possibility that the price might fluctuate big time and our investment value can vanish in no time. But with HBD, as the price is pegged to USD value, we don't have huge risks of losing our funds.

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