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By Bala | Bala | 31 Dec 2022

As I always say, stats are very important and are also highly motivating. I used to share my Publish0x stats every month. I stopped doing that for a while and I thought it would be good to start doing that once again and started sharing my stats for the last two months. Today is the last date of the year and I'm hoping the new year should bring us lots of opportunities and prosperity. My Publish0x stats look great this month and especially the number of views is really good.

I'm glad Publish0x gives a facility to check our previous month's stats. This gives us an idea as to how we are performing. It also gives us details on which days were very good and which days did not have decent rewards. The type of article we write matters the most. I learned it this month. Some of the popular Publish0x writers mostly prefer writing articles either on Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency in general. That is the strategy.


I write every single day and this month I thought of writing more articles related to cryptocurrency and bitcoin. In addition to them, I also wrote a few off-topic articles. I noticed that my cryptocurrency-related articles performed very well compared to others. My Hive-related articles were also doing good but the best outcome was from articles that are crypto-related. This is definitely great learning for me this month.

Last month my follower count was 562 and now it has increased to 587. I guess more people started following me for my crypto-related articles. I will try to write more on those lines than writing other off-topic. There was also a new currency introduced called SPOT for rewarding purposes. I did not get a chance to find out what SPOT was all about. My focus was on ETH and Ampleforth. But yeah as long as we have the facility to trade these new coins, I think it should be okay to get these new coins I guess.


I'm really impressed with my previous month's stats. I guess this is one of the highest revenue months for me on Publish0x. It has been ages since I saw my account getting more than 5$ in a month. Even during this bear market, it is nice to see the account getting over 6$. This is great. I'm hoping to increase this in the coming months. I have to specifically use some good topics to write the article. General topics or movie reviews are not giving me any great views. Probably people are thinking that the Publish0x platform is only for crypto-related content and people are interested to read crypto-related content. Sometimes Play2Earn topics are also performing well but Bitcoin and Crypto-related topics are the most interesting ones here.

I don't plan to write more than one article per day but mostly if the article is going to be an off-topic article, I have to plan and post some articles related to crypto here. I'm also thinking maybe engaging more can be a good choice too because I have seen many people commenting on my posts. It can be a good thing to post comments on articles I like the most.

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