My Publish0x July Statistics

By Bala | Bala | 3 Aug 2023

Publish0x is a blogging platform similar to Hive. We are able to make some crypto with the help of writing blogs on the Publish0x platform. Most of the articles published on Publish0x are all crypto-related articles and people like reading crypto-related articles and finance-related articles. I'm very glad to be writing there too. I had been regularly contributing to Hive, Publish0x, and Read Cash platforms. Not every platform is as rewarding as Hive but I still continue to post there.

There is a good facility to check our monthly stats on Publish0x. Based on the views a particular article gets, they provide some nice stats we can look at for a period of a month. There is nothing more detailed but this itself definitely gives a great overview of the stats. More than the rewards this platform provides other great things such as the number of views on the articles we write and the follower count we have. There is also a nice dashboard that provides a good view of the earnings too.

Some of the older articles also get some additional views at times but mostly the articles we write stay hot only for a few days. There are also a few people who don't like what we are writing and they give us dislikes. I usually become happy by seeing the likes I get in my articles and leave the negativity aside. To talk about the earnings, I don't think we should be seeing Publish0x as an earning platform because only for some people it works very well and for others, the rewards are very less.

I personally see this platform as a good go-to place to read some nice articles. Sometimes I also get ideas from this site to select a topic for my writing. Most people write about Bitcoin and that is one of the hottest topics over there we can even say that when people write articles on Bitcoin, they easily make more views and more rewards. This also proves that there are more people interested in reading about Bitcoin and it is hard to sell other topics to people. Compared to other blogging platforms the rewards are less but the website is very good so we cannot ignore the site.

I had not been writing my monthly stats post for the past few months but now again I thought I should be sharing this to motivate others. Recently @bhattg started using Publish0x and @r1s2g3 has been using this platform for a very long time. I do get notifications when these people contribute and when I get a chance I go there and give a like and reward the posts.

Though articles that are about Hive give a decent view, the articles that are other than Hive usually get a good view here on Publish0x. I was experimenting with some articles in the last few months to see which article topics are interesting for the readers here and mostly it is all about generic crypto topics and not related to personal stuff. Finance articles do really well here but there again people pick articles based on a hot title and read them I believe.

Now that I have the stats for the month of July, I would like to see what the stats for August looks like. I would like to see all my posts having at least a minimum of 500 views on average. Currently, it is close to 300 views on average if I'm not wrong.

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