My Monthly HBD interest claiming day

By Bala | Bala | 16 Feb 2022

On the 15th of every month, I usually claim my HBD interest. Today is again 15th of the month and I was able to claim my interest. I usually not only claim my Interest but I will also be pushing some HBD to the savings. After we got a perfect stable coin on Hive and when the interest rates were increased to 12%, HBD has been a hot topic on Hive. I personally shared my experiences and my thoughts on HBD.

I have also been adding whatever I can to HBD in spite of all the investments I have been doing. I was initially thinking that I should start exploring outside Hive as well but then HBD became very resourceful and I have started saving HBD a lot these days.


Apart from focusing on increasing the Hive Power, I have also started focusing on increasing the HBD savings as well. My goal to reach 100k HBD is still intact and I'm glad to see that I have completed 3.1% of my goal. Slow and steadily it is increasing but I have some news to share. I might possibly start cashing out the HBD or move that to other investments. The main reason is due to the crypto situation in India. I was wondering if I should be cashing out some of my savings before the start of April because the new tax rules are going to be applicable after March.

I'm happy to see the interest increasing every month. It is now 31 HBD compared to 27 HBD it was a month ago. With the 12% interest, it can be one of the best interest-yielding decentralized coins in the crypto world. There is no other project in the decentralized world that offers this much. I recommend HBD investments to my friends. The main reason is that we don't have to take the hassle to explain everything about Hive. Just compare this with USD and give them some explanations. That should be sufficient.

I was wondering if I should be holding my HBD savings to a different account so that nobody knows that I have this much HBD. It is better to keep it that way because I can also save myself from evil eyes. People think that I'm earning a lot here but yeah it can be true but nobody understands the efforts and the number of hours I spend here to contribute here. I hope people will mature and understand that. I'm sharing this frustration after having some conversation with a few people in private who were repeatedly saying that I was a very lucky kind of thing.

I want to grow my HBD in such a way that someday I should be able to take out interest more than what I earn from my day job. If that happens, I guess I should be free enough to quit my job and chase my dreams. I really want that to happen in the next few years. I don't want to wait till 40 to get retired completely. I want to plan for early financial independence where I'm able to spend the money I have earned on something that gives me happiness.

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