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By Bala | Bala | 21 Apr 2022

Trading is the most underrated topic and even big investors fear to do trading. I personally feel that anyone who is interested in doing financial investments should also try and do trading as well. The returns from trading are enormous compared to some financial investments. But at the same time, there are also huge risks involved. This is the reason why I usually insist on playing around with known cryptocurrencies.

I would say that the fastest way to increase our assets is only through trading. There are both save investment options as well as risk investment options but when it comes to trading, it is risk most of the time and even if things go sideways, we have to consider that as an investment and wait long term to see it recover. But the returns from such trading will also be enormous and highly rewarding if we are aware of what we are doing.



I try my luck with Hive

I'm very happy to share that my swing trade experiments worked again. Hive had a decent pump in the last few hours and I was able to book some of my profits. I bought a little amount of Hive when the price was very low last week. I also wrote an article saying that my funds were locked but I did purchase after the funds got released. Now that the price of Hive has increased by 5 to 10 cents, I was able to partially sell my holdings and for the remaining, I'm planning to sell them anywhere above 1$ value.

This is how I usually do the swing trades. This is not 100% safe and profitable all the time but when I do these types of trading, all I have is patience to even power up Hive when things go wrong. I mostly do a buy and sell and not sell and buy. But if we are sure about the price of the coin and the expectation, we can even do a sell first and buy it back when it goes down. The trick works both ways.

Most of the time the returns we get in trading are way more than what we would be getting from long-term investments or staking rewards. With this thought, I always suggest doing safe trading like this to increase the asset value. Luck plays an important role here. Without luck, we will not be able to make profits. In my case when I have confidence about the price and the market, my luck favors bad and I will not have enough liquidity in hand to do the investment.



Always keep stable coins

This is one of the best things that I learned in recent years. Initially, when I used to trade on stock markets, I used to do random investments and I did not care to keep any liquid funds in hand. Most of the time, I lose by catching a falling knife due to greed. It took me some time to realize all that and grow enough patience to wait and enter at the right moment and exit at the right moment without greed affecting me. Of course, I cannot do a 100% safe trading but I make sure it is at least good to some extent.

Keeping stable coins ensures that we will be able to make use of some opportunities when the entire market is falling. But even then we will not know what would be the lowest point. Sometimes the crash would be very hard and the price of the token might keep going down further. In that case, it is always good to choose something that we really wanted to invest in. There will be some kind of favorable investments that we would have been waiting to buy even in the bull market. Those investments are good to make during a bear market and wait for the long term. That is why we will need stable coins to take some quick investment decisions and enter the market.

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