How is fuel price looking in your country?

By Bala | Bala | 23 Mar 2022

Not just in India but we are able to see the fuel price surging in many countries. Recently I got a chance to as one of my friends in the Netherlands about Fuel prices. I was surprised to find out that the price of Petrol and diesel in the Netherlands is two times that of India. In India, there is always political confusion about the fuel price. People say that Russia is one of the biggest suppliers of fuels to the world and because of war, the fuel price is going high. Even though it is true in a way, I personally feel that the countries can be less dependent on fuel needs if they plan it well.

There will always be people complaining about the increase in fuel price and they will even blame the politicians for the same. We have to understand that we are also depleting a natural resource here and it is time to understand that we have to look for alternatives that are long-lasting.



Energy can neither be created nor destroyed is a law and there are a few more laws in physics that explain how energy cannot be a free one. But there are ways to get the same energy with the help of abundant materials in this world.

Looking for alternatives

I always say this to my friends. We all know the demand for fossil fuels is increasing day by day and oil wells are slowly going down. If we look at the big picture, the oil wells are not like our home water well. They do not fill back if we keep depleting them. That's why it is a fossil fuel. This is one of the biggest reasons why we have to look for alternatives. I understand that the alternatives are also not 100% clean but I would say it is better to try and use something that is better in position compared to what currently we are doing.

One best example would be to switch to electric vehicles. I'm not going to say that electric vehicles are 100% clean energy but at least they are not dependent on Fossil fuels and the only source they are dependent on natural resources is the Lithium used in the batteries. There are innovations being made to find out what other alternatives can be used for batteries instead of Lithium which is again not an abundant material in Earth's crust.



Sodium-based batteries are one such alternative that is being experimented with. Sodium is one of the most abundant substances available in the earth's crust. Experimenting with Sodium to make it effective for batteries can be a good alternative solution against Lithium. If there are sodium-based batteries I anticipate that they would be very cheap even though they initially start as less efficient batteries. I would say that's already a good start.

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