Hive Ecosystem as your primary source of income

By Bala | Bala | 9 May 2024

There are so many projects on the Hive ecosystem these days and many people are using Hive as their good source of income both additional as well as primary. I know a few people who have been using Hive as their primary source of income too. They cash out the money they earn here and make a living in the real world. Some projects inside Hive provide a good opportunity for investors. If people have time, they get the opportunity to spend that time effectively and earn money from Hive. If people have money, they can invest and get regular income from Hive.

There are a few avenues available on Hive that can make the income regular and can make it the primary source of income. Some income that we get from Hive is also irregular but can be considered as income. It can be risky to have them as our primary source of income. I'm going to be talking about all those income-generating avenues on Hive.


Income from blogging

We have a good source of income available from Blogging. For people who live in a cheaper country, this income alone can be sufficient to make a living. The income is not similar to what people get on YouTube or Affiliate marketing. In those places when content is created, it will keep generating rewards forever but on Hive the rewards work differently and people will have to be constantly contributing and the earning window is also just 7 days. The same article will not earn anything beyond that point. This makes the Hive ecosystem unique and that's also a risk for people who are dependent on this income.

People can still make blogging their primary income on Hive but because some days can be hard to write and we cannot be 100% regular, it can be hard to predict if blogging can be considered a good source of income or not. There is also a possibility that sometimes the articles get rewarded well and sometimes rewards don't happen.


Income from gaming

This is another big market inside the hive where people spend their time playing games on the hive and earn money for doing so. Splinterlands is one of the hottest games on Hive and has been a good source of income for many people. People can either build a collection for themselves and use that for playing or they can also play for other people and get a share of the rewards. But many people say that the game is rewarding very well. The only thing that we have in the game is that we have to be constantly investing to grow in the game.

Income from investment

People can either invest in Hive or HBD. Both are good sources of income to grow their assets. Investing in Hive can be converted to Hive Power which can be used to curate articles on Hive. These curation rewards give about 8% APR on average. The other investment option is to have the funds in savings as HBD which currently gives 20% APR. Those who can hold a decent amount of HBD inside their savings can generate a regular passive income every month to cover their expenses. This can be a good primary source of income too.

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