Hetzner servers available with zero setup fees

By Bala | Bala | 6 Apr 2023

I have been using Hetzner for my server needs. I do have some servers from other providers too but mostly it is Hetzner. A few weeks back I had to check on my servers and order new servers to create some backups servers and move some of my existing applications from one server to another server. One of the biggest reasons why I was doing this activity was because one of my servers was crashing. It goes to rescue mode and I have to manually recover it back and make it boot properly. This has happened a few times already and I thought I should get rid of that server first and move my apps to a new server.

I was initially thinking that it could be an issue with overload on the server. But this was happening more frequently and every time it happens, it gets hard to get it back up and running. I used to even think that it could even be a hardware issue and I don't want to lose data from my applications if something goes wrong.

That's when I thought it might be better to order a more powerful server and decommission that problematic server. Maybe I might as well write to Hetzner about that server explaining my experience with the server. This way they make sure the issue is completely fixed or tested before the server is given to someone else. To my surprise, I also noticed that there were many servers available with zero setup fees. Initially, the setup cost would be close to the cost of the server per month. I had the thought of changing my server back then too. But then later did not do it because all the new servers had setup fees.


The above two servers are a great option. The first one takes a lot of time to get commissioned. Especially if you have any specifications, it can even take a few more additional days. I got my server after almost 7 days from the date of requesting. Today I was going to write a ticket to them but thankfully I got it commissioned yesterday. I have some of those servers already running. I have hosted my projects there and some have my Hive Engine witness nodes too.

I bought a new server to run a backup node for my Hive witness. A few weeks back when my Hive witness went down, I had to go offline for 2 days to get my nodes up and running again. If I have a backup node, I should be able to switch to the backup node for the time being. I used to have Privex as my backup node but it was a bit costly and I thought maybe it is better to have my own node configured and up and running.

Thankfully, I have never bought any server by paying the setup fees. I used to wonder why they are charging setup fees because most of the server setup is doing to be done by me anyways. But I then thought maybe they facilitate a server for me in their rack and that is why they charge a setup fee.

When I read through some of the articles online, I found out that the setup fee is most likely something to say that they have a huge demand for servers, and instead of saying that out loud, they charge setup fees. People who are in immediate need of a server wouldn't mind paying the setup fees and getting the server.

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