Harvesting nearly 3 CUB a day

By Bala | Bala | 3 Apr 2021

It has been over 3 days since I staked my DOT tokens into the Den on CUB Finance. I was curious to check how much I was making per day. The first two days I noticed that I was making around 10$ worth of CUB per day and today I'm able to see the price of CUB has increased and I think I make nearly 3 CUB a day.

For many people, investing in Leofinance was the best thing in the last year. But now CUB is going to be the best investment for 2021. The token price is still in the early stage. The positivity is already spreading. The price of tokens has been on the rise for the past three days. At the time of writing this article, the price of 1 CUB is 4.322$. People who entered into CUB Finance when the price was 2 dollars per cub are the lucky ones. They would have already doubled their investment.


Considering the gas fees involved in the transactions, I don't usually harvest my CUB tokens every one hour or something. I let it accumulate to a decent value and then harvest after that. Gas fees are just one reason but I usually get confused as to what I should be doing with the CUB I earn. I sometimes think that I should be booking profit and taking the CUB out but then I think that this is anyways the early stage of CUB Finance and there is still a long road to go. So, I decided to re-invest all my earning into CUB itself.

Maybe after a few months, I will think about cashing out my earnings. I notice that my portfolio value has increased by so much. One of the main reasons is the pump in the price of DOT tokens. Another good reason is the pump in the price of CUB tokens as well. I understand that there will be ups and downs in the price. But I have decided to stay for a little longer period to see how good it goes.


When I initially staked my DOT tokens, my total account value was 1.2k. Now I'm able to see an increase of 400$ since then. It is definitely a great profit in a very short time.

If it was not for CUB finance, I would have not entered into this Defi world. I was hesitant to explore anything on ETH blockchain because of the huge gas fees. I'm glad that BSC came into existence and make smart contracts emerged providing the same capabilities of Uniswap.

Even now there is a small risk factor in using Binance because almost 80 percent of the BNB tokens are being held by Binance itself which makes it more centralized. But the fact that the chain provides lots of opportunities makes me feel it is okay. The world is not fully into decentralization yet. So, we still need some centralized governance to keep things rolling. With the current state, decentralization only scatters things and not making things go in one single direction.

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