Earned a total of 2 BCH with the help of Noise Cash and Read Cash

By Bala | Bala | 24 Mar 2022

Today I'm glad to share that I have reached a total of 2 BCH by using Noise Cash and Read Cash platform. I found some articles explaining other platforms similar to Noise Cash and Read Cash that can help me increase my BCH income stream but I guess that's going to be for later as I don't have time to keep a track of many platforms. I'm very happy with this because I share my articles and I microblog about the exciting things I see in the crypto world. This has definitely given me a good pleasurable income I should say. This 2 BCH is going to be decorating my portfolio and I'm planning to hold them for the long term along with the other coins I have been holding. Just that I have to keep the wallet address and details safe. Yeah at some point, I might switch to a hardware wallet too.

I initially that it can be challenging to reach 1 BCH in whole but today after reaching 2 BCH, I think the journey was awesome and I want to keep going. Right now I don't have any plans to sell BCH. I had been using a little to pay some of the server costs last year. I might continue to do the same this year as well. But otherwise, I don't have any near future plan to sell BCH. But I do think that it would be wise to book some profits if the price of BCH is reaching 1000 $ which happened last year. Many people doubt it can happen again but we cannot predict the crypto world right.


There are many use cases for BCH and I personally like the payment methods. When it comes to payment with cryptocurrencies, BCH rocks with its app. People can easily make their payments and the feedback is pretty much instant. I found it very comfortable to use BCH for my payments instead of USDT or even BUSD for that matter. Binance also gives a good user experience when it comes to crypto payments but there are not many platforms that support Binance payment yet.

This income is the total I have received from both Read Cash as well as Noise Cash. I know I can do better in Noise cash because the rewards are good. But I did not find time to spend on Noise cash and whenever there are no tips that can be done to others, it becomes a little hard. But I'm really happy with how it is right now. I might start spending more time on Noise cash to increase my income possibilities.

Read cash also provides equal opportunities where my articles do really well and it gives me a consistent income. I write almost every single day and make sure my articles are of decent quality for the readers. I try to share my perspectives on many things which I guess has been welcomed by many readers. I wish I can do a little more and increase my income possibilities here. There is a transaction fee when it comes to payments and transfers but the transaction fee is not as big as how it is for other coins like ETH, BTC, etc. I guess BCH is more of a lightweight coin that can be easily used by everyone for transactions.

The mobile app is very handy when it comes to real-world use cases. We can easily scan QR codes and send payments to anyone. We can also make purchases by scanning the QR codes easily. That's one of the biggest advantages I see with the Bitcoin Cash wallet. There are many improvements happening and new innovations happening as well. I'm looking forward to being a long-term investor and utilizing those opportunities.

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