Cryptocurrencies are not my tomorrow's profit

By Bala | Bala | 12 May 2024

There have been a lot of discussions going on everywhere as to what will happen to cryptocurrencies. Some experts who have seen several bull runs and bear markets in the past keep saying that this situation will change and there will be another bull run or a bull run for the altcoins because BTC is already doing good. Sometimes I used to wonder if the money earned today should be cashed out today itself or if is it good to hold it for the right moment and use it when it is needed.

I have the second thought that I would like to hold the cryptocurrency for the future and wait for it to yield my profit in the future. I have been trying out a lot of avenues for my financial independence. One such avenue is cryptocurrency. I know for a fact that crypto cannot be trusted 100 percent. The reason is that cryptocurrencies can be risk-based investments and many countries have heavy taxation on cryptocurrencies. At the same time, we cannot ignore cryptocurrencies either as they can do miracles and let us earn our financial freedom easier than expected.


Hope Crypto helps with my financial freedom

My idea is to hold a decent amount of crypto in my wallet and my thought is that the governments will understand the importance of this technology and this growth and one fine day they might make everything easy for cryptocurrencies. Until then just hold cryptocurrencies and maybe I can book a small profit from them and secure my financial freedom. I'm sure I might continue working ever after my financial freedom but only by doing jobs that I like the most. Hopefully, I'm expecting cryptocurrencies to give me such a quality of life for me.

My investments are not very wise currently

Currently, I have dumped all my money on some of the bad investments. I don't have any funds in Bitcoin or Ethereum. When BTC reached its peak value, I sold some of my BTC holdings, and all my funds are now in altcoins I'm looking for the right moment to cash out if it is a possibility for me. I would just be very open to say that my investments are not very wise and I have been paying all the money on a horse that is slow and mostly likely never wins. My crazy thought is that, even though the chances are very low, there is a possibility that something can happen and a small group might be benefited from that. I would like to be a part of that small group that gets benefits.


Crypto for the future

The future is going to cryptocurrencies and there is no doubt about that. People who are not part of this race will soon start investing and might get into this race. I'm sure the price of BTC will also keep going up when more people would like to hold a small fraction of BTC for themselves or future generations. I might as well think about purchasing BTC when the price goes down the next time and I would like to hold it for the long term. I have seen many people buying BTC continuously and that keeps pushing the price high up. My investments are totally on other things but I also think that crypto has a great future and I would like to keep whatever I have in crypto for the future and not for my tomorrow's expenses.

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