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By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 12 Jul 2023

I was fortunate to reach my goal of 100k SPS when I had the chance. There is a high possibility that SPS can go big when SPS gets more exchange listings and when the bull market happens. Splinterlands is one of the games that never disappoints us. The investment we do inside splinterlands has always given us decent profits and it also becomes a passive income opportunity. Some people even have splinterlands as their regular source of income.

For players getting SPS is not a big deal because they can play their account regularly and get the SPS to stake them. For investors, the market is the only source from where can we purchase SPS. I have been thinking of purchasing some more SPS in the coming weeks to make use of the bear market very well. DEC is also doing very well and it is also getting back to its soft pegged value. There is a high chance that SPS might start pumping after DEC becomes stable. People will start pushing the price of SPS up after the price of DEC becomes stable.


Time to buy more SPS

I personally think that now is the time to purchase SPS. The main reason is that I remember the good old days when I bought SPS for around 1$ per SPS. Those were the initial days. Considering the fact that the Axie infinity token and other game tokens were very popular back then, there was a huge expectation on the price of SPS too. People did not hesitate to purchase it at over 1$ price. But the supply started becoming high and the price started dropping as the supply increased with the airdrop.

Today I would like to do DCA on my investment. I personally think that there are no valid reasons for SPS to go below the current price. The market is doing good and it is also stable enough. We are also still in the bear market trend and there is no harm in accumulating more SPS right now. After the delegation rentals were introduced for SPS, this has now become another source of income. The APR is also pretty decent and if we are lucky we might as well get an APR that is over 10 percent.

Diesel Pool rewards

SPS provides passive income in multiple places. For people who are contributing to diesel, there is a reward available in the form of SPS tokens. After I completed my goal of reaching 100k SPS, I started pushing all my extra SPS to DEC:SPS Diesel pool for the rewards. Though the rewards are not very great, I would say something is better than nothing, and at times the rewards are good. I will keep doing this for some more time and afterward, I would focus on my next goal to reach 200k SPS which I think can be a little more challenging unless I do it when the price of SPS is low right now.

SPS delegation income

Another biggest opportunity for people who hold SPS Is the income from SPS delegation rentals. If we are keeping our SPS idle, we can rent it out to people and earn DEC from that. This has been a recent feature in splinterlands and not all the people are players there are also some people who are just investors. The APR received from this varies from 5 to 10 based on the price we choose while filling a bid. I initially filled the bids for 0.007 DEC per SPS per day but then later I realized that there are also requests for 0.010 DEC too which gives better APR. Increasing the SPS stakes gives this additional passive income opportunity.

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