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Splinterlands - My weekly SPS goals

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 12 Feb 2023

I have been a splinterlands player for a few years now. During my early days playing the game was my good source of income. I should say that it was very good because most of the good cards I got were all by playing the game regularly. After a point, I also invested some more money and improved my deck. Recently after I started focusing on other things on Hive where most of my time is spent developing something on Hive, I couldn't spend time playing the game.

Even though I don't play the game regularly, I'm still a big fan of Splinterlands and have been supporting all their initiatives wherever I can. I'm still holding my Splinterlands assets and will continue to hold them as it is generating me passive income. I have rented out my cards through Splex and it is generating a nice passive income in the form of DEC rewards. That's a good source of income for me. Earlier it used to be a great income but now things have slowed down but still not very bad.

100k SPS

I had set myself a goal to reach 100k SPS stake. As splinterlands is considering SPS as their primary token even though they have multiple other tokens, I thought I should have a decent stake in SPS. During the early days when SPS was around 1$, I purchased around 2000 SPS for 2k $. Those were the days when the price of Hive was also very good. Since then I have been accumulating my SPS in all possible ways.

I was supposed to purchase SPS last year and close off this goal but I wanted to take it slow because it is fun to see it progress little by little instead of purchasing SPS in one shot and completing the goal. I write about my weekly progress in my Hive Goals post and this week I thought I should write about my SPS goals separately because that would help me write an article exclusively about splinterlands and share it in social media challenge.


I have to admit that GLX tokens are the major contributor to increasing my SPS stake. So far all the GLX airdrop I have been receiving is helping me grow my SPS. I convert them to Hive and then purchase SPS from the market and power them up. This increased my SPS from 50k to almost 88k now. It is not like I don't want to hold GLX but I want to make use of the opportunity to earn more GLX by increasing my SPS and at the same time I can also purchase them back after the initial FOMO is over and the price of GLX drops. Once in a few days I claim my GLX and withdraw them to Hive Engine to convert them to SPS.

My SPS is growing by almost 1k every week which also confirms that I can reach my goal of 100k SPS in another 12 weeks if I'm not wrong. I still have not decided what I'm planning to do with my SPS after I have completed reaching my goal. Mostly I might focus on purchasing other game assets to increase my NFT positions inside the game. Let's see how it goes.

If you are hearing about Splinterlands for the very first time, you can use my referral link to play the game.

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