Splinterlands - Claimed my PROMO cards

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 22 Mar 2023

Sometimes it is hard to keep track of what is happening around the Splinterlands game. I'm glad that someone came to my DM and informed me about this sale. Otherwise, I would have missed claiming my cards. I did not see any announcement on Splinterlands discord and there was no post either if I'm not wrong. But the website had the information about the sale happening. Only after someone told me, I quickly went and checked the website and found it. I don't chat much on Splinterlands Discord and that's also one of the reasons why I didn't know about this. But yeah never too late.


The sale is still happening and as I said we are not too late. The claiming of the cards is based on the number of SPS we are staking. For every 1000 SPS we have staked, we are eligible to purchase a new card. For every 25 cards we buy, we are also eligible to get a gold foil card. For purchasing the cards, we will need Vouchers in our in-game wallet. The user interface shows us how many cards we are eligible to purchase. Also note that if you had staked your SPS on an account that has no spell book, you will not be able to claim any cards even if you are eligible. This is something that I found out yesterday when trying to claim on an account that did not have a spellbook. Maybe it is also a good time to move the SPS from that account to a valuable account that can participate in offers like these.

If you look at the above screenshot, you will be able to see that there are still 6 more days to participate and claim the cards. People who did not know about this can make use of this opportunity to claim their cards.


The website interface is very nice to do the claim. The only thing that was annoying was the fact that I had to move from one place to another for different activities. I had to first move my Vouchers from the SPS chain to the in-game wallet and then come back here to claim my cards. I also did not have 93 vouchers with me so I had to buy some coupons from the market to be able to purchase the cards. I did not purchase all 93 cards in one instance. I wanted to check if I'm getting 1 GF card for every 25. So I did the purchase in the batch of 25 per purchase. For every 25 cards, I did receive a GF card. You can see that in the below image. 24 cards were normal and one card was GF.


I had to do the purchase 4 times where 25 + 25 + 25 + 18 which totally gave me 3 GF cards and the remaining were all normal cards. I also noticed that the price of these cards was very good in the market and as I'm not playing the game these days and only renting out my cards, I wanted to sell those cards immediately in the market for a better price. Maybe when more people start purchasing this card, there is a possibility that the price might go up and the price might go down. But in my case, I was happy with the current market price of the card and that's why wanted to sell the cards in the market.

There was some problem with my Keychain RPC node and I couldn't use the peakmonsters interface to list the cards for sale. I had to list my card one by one from the splinterlands website. It was a very bad experience but the team is focusing on other features and leaving the buying and selling part to the other third-party services, so it is okay. But maybe they should consider providing a facility to list multiple cards in one shot on the official website itself.

I listed my cards for 40, 41, and 42 cents based on the market demand, and all my cards were sold out. I'm glad that I made use of this opportunity and was able to make some quick bucks. I would probably repurchase these cards from the market when I get back to playing again and maybe also renting can be a good option. I did list my GF cards as well. I sold my gold foil cards for 7.5 dollars each. That was also a good deal I believe.

For those who have still not claimed their cards, now is still a good time to go and claim your cards based on your SPS stake.

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