Splinterlands - 60k DEC rental income in the last season

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 17 Dec 2021

Towards the end of the last season, I decided to go on 100% rental instead of having some cards reserved to play the game. I was having a huge challenge in allocating time to play the game. It was not easy and I was skipping the daily quests. Based on suggestions from others too and also just as an experiment, I rented out all my cards in the rental market. In spite of that, I also had to open 5 loot chests from the last season. That gave me a nice pull.


The first few days of the previous season, I was still skeptical because I wasn't sure if my decision was right or not and I was missing all that luck factor from opening the quest reward and season end reward. Most of the Legendary gold foil cards and other gold foil cards came to me only through my luck in opening daily quest rewards and season end rewards. I was so hesitant to take away that luck factor.

But I was convinced that with my rental income, I will still be able to purchase some Gold foil cards and legendary cards directly from the market and rent them out to profit from them. I still wanted to experiment and see how much better it is to go 100% rental instead of renting only my extra cards. As the season is over and the results are here, I personally believe that it did not make a huge difference. Maybe playing a deck was better but I cannot confirm that for sure.

I received a total of 60k DEC in the last season from the rental earnings. Usually, I get close to 50k as rental income. It was only 10k that was extra. But I have to admit that in the last 15 days I traveled a lot and I wasn't able to manage my cards well in the rental market. That could have been a reason for a low rental income. I'm going to do an experiment again this month too to identify how much I'm able to get. Even after that one more try can give me a clear picture and I'm going to be deciding based on that. My decision would be to find out which route is best, either 100% rental or playing a deck by myself.

Anyways I'm not playing tournaments. I play only the daily quests and I try to make use of the ECR. Many people say that if I'm not playing tournaments I'm not earning enough. So, better to give the rental market a try. I also quit my current guild. Maybe in the future, if I get back to playing, I will join the guild back. In addition to that, I have already started allocating some funds from the rental income to purchase cards from the market. I maxed out some of my cards and will continue to do the same. Whichever is beneficial, I will be going for it. Good thing is that CL packs have brought have made some of the cards affordable now and DEC is also undervalued. Good time to do some trading.

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