Splinterlands - 100k SPS stake reached

By Bala | Bala Blockchain Gaming | 21 May 2023

I'm very happy and glad to share that I have successfully reached a stake value of 100k SPS in total. This has been a very long time due and I was continuously powering up all the SPS I received from the rewards. I have to say that this wasn't an easy journey for me because I was not playing the game regularly. I stopped playing the game long back and my staking rewards and buying SPS from the market was my only source. I did get a few SPS from the diesel pool too.

I was very consistent in staking SPS whenever I got a change. GLX was also one of the reasons why I was able to increase my SPS stake faster. During the initial GLX days, I sold all my GLX rewards to exchange them for SPS to get more SPS stakes. That really helped me very well and I can even say that it was one of the reasons why I was able to complete the goal of 100k SPS. I have some plans after this.

In order to keep it more precise, I staked exactly 100k SPS. I have to also start deciding what I should be doing with the remaining SPS I would be getting from the staking rewards.

Profit booking

I was always thinking if I should be booking some profits from this game. All my earnings from the game always went inside the game and I either focused on increasing my DEC or I focused on increasing my SPS. After SPS was introduced, I have to say that I spent a lot of money during the early days purchasing SPS and stake them. I still remember I spent around 2000$ in one shot to purchase 2000 SPS back then when the price of SPS was around 1$ each. Today I cannot even imagine the price has dropped to 5 cents per SPS.

I hope there will be good days again and the price of SPS would start pumping again. Some people might say that this is not the right time to book profits. But I want to take it a little slow. Maybe I will not sell all my additional SPS but I would like to take at least a few. It would be a good time to sell SPS during the bull market again. My next focus would be on increasing my collections and also focusing on DEC.

One million DEC

I currently have a decent amount of DEC as well with me. Those were the DEC I earned by playing the game during the early days. I have been accumulating that DEC and most of it I have on Hive Engine and diesel pool. I was thinking if I should be targeting one million DEC when there is a chance. It is believed that DEC would slowly get back to its pegged value. I'm not sure when it would happen but there have been new sinks introduced for DEC making it not abundantly available.

There is a high possibility that DEC might get back to its soft peg and I would like to grab the opportunity now to increase my DEC holdings. When the bull market happens or when the good times start happening for Splinterlands, I would like to book some profits and turn my focus on some high-value cards.

Highly rewarding game

I have to admit that Splinterlands is one of the best games in the entire blockchain space. I don't think any other game in the blockchain world has good tokenomics and is able to manage the game mechanics very well. The biggest challenge usually the other games have is that they start with a big bang but don't even last for two years or something. People invest a lot in the game but it takes a lot of time to break even. Things are a bit different in splinterlands. People are able to invest and reap profits whenever required.

The game is highly rewarding because there is a huge player base available and people are able to compete with a set of big players. There is also a DAO available where the game team hears out the opinion of the player base and introduces new features into the game. I would also like to start playing my account again whenever I find some time. Some people hire someone to play their game accounts. That's also a possibility that I can think of because the rental market rewards are not very great right now.

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