Tezos (XTZ) staking rewards tracking
Staking rewards notifications

Tezos (XTZ) staking rewards tracking

By Baking Bad | Baking Bad | 6 May 2020

In our previous article (1, 2) we have reviewed the specifics of Tezos Staking. The next important step is to track payments, because rewards for staking are not automatically distributed in the protocol. There is a telegram bot that allows you not to keep track of rewards through the Explorer all the time, but only to receive notifications about their status and correctness.

What to do after delegation

Baking Bot is created for delegators. It was designed to notify users if a payout is missing or less than expected. Also it can notify about transactions and expected rewards.

Notice: After subscription, for more accurate notifications you should the correctness of your  “✏️ Fee”.  You can also specify what types of notifications you want to receive.

Let’s try: 

Follow the link https://t.me/baking_bad_bot

Press the “➕ Add subscription” button

Tezos baking Bad Bot: add subscription

Enter your delegation address (starts with KT... or TZ...) and press send button.

In case of success, a subscription window will appear. Click the “✏️ Edit” button to configure subscription settings.

Tezos baking Bad Bot: edit subscription

Press the “✏️ Fee” button to set up your baker’s fee. If you don’t know it, leave it unchanged. In most cases, the fee is correctly set automatically.

After clicking the “✏️ Fee” button, you will be asked to enter the baker’s fee. Enter the number in percent and press send button.

Tezos baking Bad Bot: fee

Don't worry about messing up the fee setting, you can always switch it back to the default value and your fee will always be up to date with the baker's policies and announcements. Just click on "✅ Use default fee" like on the screenshot below

Tezos Baking Bad Bot: default fee

Use "🔔 Rewards" "🔔 Payouts" and "🔔 Reports" buttons to configure types of notifications you want to receive.

"🔔 Rewards" - notifications about available rewards, which baker have to pay during the current cycle.

"🔔 Payouts" - notification about all incoming transactions.

"🔔 Reports" - notifications about missed or less than expected payouts.

Tezos Baking Bad Bot: Notifications

Other functions

The “📁 My subscriptions” button shows all user’s subscriptions, allow to configure subscription settings by clicking the “✏️ Edit” button or delete by clicking the “🚫 Delete” button.

The “💬 Leave feedback” button allows the user to easily interact with us. We would be happy if you use this feature to express your opinion about the bot or suggest improvements.

Insured baker’s delegators features:

For all delegators of insured bakers, we will send notifications in following cases:

  • Insurance case;
  • Change in insurance coverage;
  • Termination of cooperation between Baking Bad Insurance and baker.

In conclusion

So, now you have a few easy ways to track your profits and the correctness of payments from the Tezos delegate: 

  • Baking Bad - where you can check payment status, amount, schedule and many other parameters at any time.
  • Baking Bad Bot - telegram bot with the functionality described in this article. It should be noted that when using the bot, you do not give any information about your keys or anything else. It is just a tool for recognition of the public data from the Blockchain.

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