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Nano - An example of how a cryptocurrency can do good and make life easier

By babesugarbunny | Babesugarbunny | 3 Aug 2023

Cryptocurrencies are growing a lot both when it comes to people who use them and the legitimacy it receives from society. For many it seems like cryptocurrencies are just a new magical internet currency that one can exploit for its volatility, to make a profit with some skills (and luck). But is cryptocurrencies just a way to earn more FIAT (a government-issued currency devoid of physical commodity backing, like gold or silver, but reliant on the issuing government's authority)?

I surely do not think so.

This is why I have been interested in the cryptocurrency Nano for a long time. Investments and doing profit is not the reason that I am in this sphere that is cryptocurrencies. But for me the usage of cryptocurrencies to make life easier when it comes to purchases and being able to do transactions fast to all over the world, is a big reason why using blockchain technology to do transactions is what keeps me here. This also means that one is able to use this to help others being included in the world wide economy. And of course the big thing for me, being able to do charity work without the impact of borders. With Nano I can crowdfund a project anywhere on earth with an internet connection, with for example the site, to help build stronger communities. Inclusion and equal opportunities is very important to me. And with the help of cryptocurrencies like Nano I am able to reach more people with funds in a safe way.

For me as a social worker, being able to break down barriers that are hindering people to live a good life, is a key to developing inclusivity that will make everyone's life better in the end. 

Nano price today, XNO to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

Nano stand out as a universal digital currency without fees, but still with instant transactions! Bitcoin is a great asset to hold for its value. But a digital asset that is a lot like gold, is not really made to be used daily. With Nano I do not need to wait a long time for the transaction to be confirmed, or pay any big gas fees that can fluctuate a lot. If a transaction needs to be done at this moment, very high gas fees can impact that greatly when you do not have time to wait. Sending Nano requires no expenditure, ensuring global accessibility. By this we have instant readiness all the time!

Nano was made to operate with efficiency, removing the necessity for mining procedures to handle transactions. Instead, Nano employs an ingenious voting system that renders mining unnecessary. This makes Nano very eco-friendly, something that is important in this day and age. As you can see, Nano is a perfect everyday currency. Being both easy to use for people and having a minimal impact on society.

Nano employs a customized iteration of the delegated proof of stake (DPoS) algorithm through its Open Representative Voting (ORV) system. It took a groundbreaking step by pioneering the directed acyclic graph (DAG) design, setting itself apart from traditional blockchain architectures. This departure aimed to enhance security and fine-tune system performance. To summarize the information so far:

Nano's design places emphasis on scalability, financial inclusivity, energy efficiency, and decentralization. And this is why I want to put some light on this, in my opinion, perfect example of what cryptocurrencies can do that FIAT can not. What do you think is an example of how cryptocurrencies can make people's life's better?

Nano is the new Bitcoin? Let's give this news a look!! : r/nanocurrency

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