Azur Lane PR Season One Ships: HMS Monarch
HMS Monarch, the most powerful in-game Royal Navy battleship

Azur Lane PR Season One Ships: HMS Monarch

By Azurnoob | Azur Lane | 7 Apr 2020

Having finally finished grinding for and max limit breaking every single one of my Priority Research Season One Ships for each faction, I am now able to give a strong overview for new and seasoned players alike regarding each ship and their value to your fleet.



I completed each ship previously on the Japanese Servers and now I have completed each one on Washington Server EN as well- reaching Level 95 in the process-the oil costs and time investment are certainly not for the faint of heart or the more casual player base.


♚HMS Monarch♚

"Monarch is known for her ambitious, often single-minded, pursuit of victory. Her belief that she is the paragon of perfection among the King George V-class is equally unwavering. As such, it can be hard to tell whether she loves her sister ships or holds a grudge against them.The HMS Monarch is preparing her maiden voyage, she will grace your dock in the future, Commander."-Azur Lane Development Team




I seriously rank Monarch as the paragon of wave clearing Battleships due to her amazing armour piercing barrage and 210% weapon efficiency on her secondary destroyer light guns. Her 70% barrage initiation chance allows her to lay down a consistent hail of blistering AP shells across the whole screen- which when fully upgraded using Red Books can easily one-hit sink high tier enemies all the way up to the final stages of World 10. When this base damage is combined with 10+ Gear such as Gold AP Shells or Heavy Black Shells- she can easily clear the screen of elite enemies in a single shot - this barrage ability is further augmented by her ability to slow onscreen foes by 30%- which renders Destroyers and speed-reliant Cruisers moot against her.


Her second skill boosts her reload stat substantially by 1 for every 1% of HP she loses in combat, which lets her fire off her barrage even quicker and wipe the screen successively. This gives her an overall reload faster than any Battleship or Heavy Cruiser thus far introduced to the game. She will also regenerate health after taking heavy damage which is a nice passive bonus for the longer stages.




Her chief weakness as with many backline units is her poor AA ( a paltry230 at level 120) which ultimately forces her to rely on other AA heavy ships to shoot down W12 and W13 planes- which can leave her extremely vulnerable to airstrikes and bombing runs for CV heavyweights such as Enterprise or Formidable.











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