$CHZ/USDT Analysis /Forecast (THE DIP IS NEAR)

By awstian | awstian | 16 Mar 2021

I did my own research and analysis.


Almost more than 200% profit chance here.



Chilliz just grow 700% on a week, I anticipated this correction and sold my $chz I used Ichimoku Cloud, fibonacci retracement and extension and also adx dmi indicator. 

I marked the points where you can buy. If the trend keeps going lower we will reach the buy zone.

Added lines to every moment that ADX /DMI showed us when the trend was weak or strong and put a signal for us to join the trend, also i put another eclypse on the "death cross" for the downtrend confirmation.


$CHZ is bearish for me. Since the last ATH it started a downtrend channel that respected almost perfectly.
Too many bulltraps, for some reason people tought that we were in a small correction without care about the fact that we joined a downtrend channel , also we didn't break the last resistance that was tested by the last trend.
700% + on a weeknd is too much for a project that just started the hype in social media, as seen @ lunarcrush.
Most part of the tokens of CHZ have been used to get another fan tokens like BCN that increased it value a ton.


Entry points / buy zone:

1.0.49 - 0.50
2.0.28 - 0.29

If keeps downtrend with strong signals like death cross medias or a big resistance with ichimuko cloud prepare for 0,2 (worst scenario, or might be the best? :)

TP points:

1. 0.8 - 0.83
2. 0.9 - 0.94 ( ath )

still greedy? Try it more, it could be $1.20 or more according fibonacci, but for that I think that we need a big new or massive mass media exposure. But since it was listed on crypto.com, who knows?



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