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By Aleen | Awakened Alien | 15 Aug 2020

2020 has been a crazy year but it has given us an opportunity to grow our portfolio like never before. 

This is an investment strategy that we have personally tried and tested which is why we are sharing it with you!

If you follow this plan exactly you will be making upwards of $8000 per month 100% passively with absolutely ZERO work in as few as 25 years. This investment strategy capitalizes on cryptocurrency staking offers that could only be around for a short time so this is a time sensitive investment. coin CRO offers a 16% APR on accounts that stake 5000 CRO which equals about $800. 


The yearly return on this account would gross about $128 in passive income or .35 a day. This is 6-8% higher than the next best option in fiat currency and the central banking systems. This asset will be held for 3 months at a time and will require a manual deposit back into interest earning or withdrawal of funds.

Disclaimer: In order to proceed you will need to invest about $800 into obtaining 5000 CRO.

The interest on your account could be withdrawn quarterly or reinvested quarterly. This would actually come out to $216 Reinvested Quarterly Return for your first year.

Using quick math and the 16% APR I will outline an investment strategy that anyone in the United States could manage if they try. If at all you can manage to contribute more than this strategy calls for then I urge you to reap the rewards of good choices!

If you weren't able to make another yearly contribution of $800 but only $400 your account would be around 1328 which would bring in $212 Annual Return the second year. 

Let’s say this third year has been extremely difficult and you weren't able to save anything your account will still profit $246 this year or .67 per day! 

The fourth year rolls around and your CRO portfolio is worth about $1786 from the input of $1200 and not a single bead of sweat even formed on your brow. Lets say you make a whopping contribution of $1600 for a total of $3386. Let's make that money do the hard work.

This year 16% of your balance is 541.76 now you are making 1.48 per day doing absolutely nothing! 

In year 5 things have been looking up and you decide this year to invest another $800 into your account that has a balance of 3927 to make 4727. APR on this account is now accruing 756 in yearly interest! That's $2 a day. There are people around the world who live on much less and you are only 5 years into a progressive passive income stream.

Of course, this is all assuming the markets of cryptocurrency stay the same which is highly unlikely.

The economic platform of the future is likely to be digital so for the sake of that argument I will now discuss the future speculation of CRO market value. was the first blockchain to partner with visa and begin to offer a crypto visa with cryptobacked rewards. This position alone speaks volume but they have constantly showed dedication to the development of a better product over the years and their success shows that.

So how long will it take to invest enough money that I can actually feel safe about a withdrawal?


That's up to you! You have the opportunity to invest in the highest paying APR in the spectrum of passive income for 2020. 

At What point do you make a luxurious $8000 a month? In order to make 8000 a month you would need to make 260 a day.

Lets say on average you invest about $20 a month after the first 5 years for 120 a year for the next 6 years. Then you were able to make an investment of $500 per year. It would take you 25 years to make $8000 a month in purely passive income without working for a dime outside your initial investments.

If you tally up the actual investments 800+400+1600+800= 3600 for the first 5 years 120 x 6 = 720 and 500 x 12 = 6000 for a total investment of $10500 spread over 25 years that leads to this level of account growth.

This is just one scenario for an investment timeline of 25 years and faster results can be achieved with more capital!

Without even factoring in the speculation of market gains this is by far the most profitable investment strategy in 2020.

With all that being said we would like to offer you a free $50 reward for signing up under Awakened Alien as a referral! This promo can only be redeemed after you stake atleast 1000 CRO($167 as of 8/15/2020) and is only offered for a limited time.

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Thanks so much for reading and if you have any questions or concerns please let us know in the comments!

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