Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, let's change the paradigm

By avro | avroiphoneography | 14 Apr 2021

Lately with all the crypto boom that we are experiencing, I cannot stop reading messages of euphoria at the increase in the price of BCH. But I wonder, isn't it a mistake to think that way? If what this currency seeks is to become a universal means of payment, it would not be more appropriate to "dream" (so to speak), with a stability that protects the BCH from the high volatility associated with cryptocurrencies, so that the risks of invest in it disappear.

I am convinced that this stability will be achieved when the immersion of the currency is really massive, and instead of operating with it in exchanges to obtain benefits with its increase in value, we begin to use it in exchange operations for products and services.

If we really believe in BCH, we should change our mindset (and I include myself), since BCH will not make us millionaires, but it can give us the freedom to use it as currency without the intermediation of anyone. HOLD.

Thank you very much for your time.

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