Why I skip the Splinterland's General sale.

Why I skip the Splinterland's General sale.

In current scenario when everyone is busy purchasing the Splinterland's Chaos Legion pack in whatever the capacity they can. Everyone is opening the Chaos Legion pack and sharing the success story that how many Legendary and Gold Foil Legendary cards they have got.


At the time of writing this post Splinterland's team has already sold more then 6 million packs and almost 8.5 million packs are still left. So at current state, it look like 50% of the packs still left to be grabbed.

Even at this scenario, I decided not to take part in this general sale and below are my few reasons.

1. Selling DEC will impact my SPS airdrop.

My most of the liquid holding is in DEC, with this general sale, lot of points will be added in pool for airdropping the SPS. As we already know that DEC give nice amount of points as compared to packs.
Buying packs will reduce my DEC (as well as points) and I assume it will cause much reduction in my SPS airdrop. so I decided to not to sell my DEC and sail towards my SPS goal.

2. DEC tokenomics need to be taken care.

What I know that DEC emission is directly proportional to price, more the price ,more DEC is printed so that DEC can reach to its soft peg value of $1 per 1000. Currently DEC is trading at 4x of it's soft peg value and DEC I am earning per match is too little.
I am fearing how much DEC I will earn when DEC reaches it's peg and lot more players join?

3. SPS use case need to be worked around.

I am still accumulating SPS and I believe it has long term future irrespective of the current price. I am holding and staking my SPS and dropping price of SPS is not worrying me because of the staking APR I am getting and I think price will improve after airdrop but in current scenario SPS might need more usecase.

4. Land Development need to kicked in.

I guess leaving the alpha packs, Land is one of most appreciated asset in Splinterland's economy but it is still not the part of the active gameplay. It is interesting to see for me , how land development will strengthen the Splinterland;s rank play or it will be a completely a new game play that might be independent of ranked play.

But future might be bright.

It require a little brainstorming on team end to fix the tokenomics and actively start working on Land development. Who knows if land concept give strong utility to the lands.
A for unsold packs , 8 million look a big number but couple thousand player looking for max CHAOS deck can easily gobble up all the packs.
Currently team is sitting on pile of cash ,already taken care of their server problems and have "lot of unsold" packs for future players. I guess this is the time where team can sit and brainstorm about the future direction of game and will come up with brilliant plan.

My Disclaimer

I am not purchasing currently in general does not mean I do not have chaos packs. I already purchased 1000 in first presale and my option of buying them in general sale is still open.
Only reason is that in current scenario I do not want to divert my funds to acquire more assets when I am myself so unsure how the tokenomics and other things will evolve.

Note for my affiliates

If you want to play splinterlands then you can join it here

I saw few of the player joined the game using my affiliate link and then stopped playing after few battles. If you have any difficulty in playing game, do not hesitate and join the game discord. It is really helping community and contact me here or on discord, I will definitely review your game for your better game experience.




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