Nectar Queen vanquishing in splinterlands.

As a avid and daily player for the Splinterlands  , I decided to write about my victory using the nectar queen and also take part in the Weekly Challenge Contest hold by splinterland the team.

Queen Bee


Nectar queen card comes with high mana cost of 9 but with some good health and flying ability.But still it is not popular card because Flesh Golem having Heal ability at mana cost of 6 works as perfect tank in Earth splinter.Nectar Queen is reward card so probably every body owns it.

But if you get rule set like melee mayhem ,Super Sneak and "Up Close and Personal" then you can use this card in other than first position and still allow flesh golem as tank.

In one of my game, I got melee mayhem ruleset with Earth splinter available and I this opportunity to use the Nectar Queen.

Battle Image-1


My Lineup, boosted by +1 melee attack by Daria Dragonscale, followed the below order:
1. Lord Arianthus (Level 3): Equipped with shield,thorns,void and magic reflect , Lord Arianthus is pure defensive card that can take down any offensive melee and magic card.
2. Flesh Golem (level 5): High Health and heal ability make it ideal at second position. If opponent uses the cards having blast ability, flesh golem should be able to heal the blast damage.
3. Nectar Queen (lvl 3): I put it at third position because it has nice health and I want to keep "Rexxie" on number 4 instead of number 3.
4. Rexxie (lvl 5): Rexxie having high damage + trample ability make it lethal .What a luck if you can take down enemy 2 monster in a single turn.
5.Wood Nymph (lvl 6) : Adding a pinch of little magic in melee dominated line up. Tank heal and Strengthen are really nice ability of Wood Nymph.
6. Stonesplitter orc (lvl 4): Adding a little protection in back in hope of invoking its "Retaliate" skill if attacked by sneaky melee monster.

My opponent choose "Zintar Mortalis" that cause all enemy monster to loose 1 melee attack, has below lineup in order:
1. Haunted Spirit (lvl 6) : Having heal and magic reflect, it is not easy to take down this tank if it is further supported by tank heal.
2. Goblin Mech (lvl 7) : This card is equipped with abilities like inspire and stun and have nice health ,armor and high damage. A killer card for melee mayhem ruleset.
3.Corrupted Pegasus (lvl 3): Again nice card,having ability like strengthen and tank heal. It is further supporting the Haunted spirit in position 1.
4.Skeleton Assassin (lvl 7): Having high swiftness, and equipped with ability like poison and sneak, this card can wipe the tail very swiftly.
5. Boogey Man (lvl 6) : It has ability of slow and rust and have magic attack of 2. I guess opponent has possibly thought that I m going to use Goblin Mech in front.
6. Phantom soldier (lvl 4): It has flying and silence ability. It is nice card to put at end because of its high health and flying ability.

As you can see that my opponent has nice line up but still my opponent lost the match?

Let analyze the battle for it.

<<Round 1>>

My Lord Arianthus defence stratergy really played, it give damage to every player in opponent line up so at end of round 1, opponent lost the haunted spirit and I lost my star defender lord Arianthus. Opponent also able to poison my Stonesplitter orc , Look like opponent has nice first round.

Battle Image-2

<<Round 2>>
As far number of card left in the game, my opponent has edge because I lost 2 cards in this round and my opponent lost only 1. For me "Rexxie" is the star of this round as my Rexxie trampled and though opponent has one extra card but it is just hanging with 1 health.

Battle Image-3

<<Round 3>>
Ahh! this time "Queen" also performed the killing action by taking down the corrupted pegasus but "Rexxie" is still star in this round by performing trample once again. Wood nymph survived this round with one health and it is clear now that I will win the battle with "Queen" leading the front.


Battle Image-4

<<Round 4>>
Surprisingly in this round Wood nymph also got a kill and battle ended with "Queen" delivering the final blow to phantom soldier.


Battle Image-6


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